Run 1030

27 February 2011

The Cock, Baldock

Hare: Private Parts


GM encourages huddling for warmth

How did they get away with blatant SotH?

Madge not too keen on this field for some reason

HM enjoys the rivers of good shiggy

It's been a while since we last ran from Baldock - it was Frau who suggested The Cock. This turned out to be a good pub, with a decent selection of beers. The trail was laid in something of a hurry with the last light of Saturday afternoon, with the result that I missed the path I'd planned to use and ended up with an extra half mile or so of trail. The rain that had been falling all morning had turned many of the tracks and paths into rivers. Things had dried out somewhat by Sunday: still good shiggy, but slows everyone down [the hare is rehearsing excuses for an overcooked trail ... scribe].

Ringer called the circle, which grew steadily as a stream of latecomers arrived - culminating with Airscrew who caught us up mid-run, only to turn round and run back saying that he had to go to Scotland! Our ranks were swelled by two newees: Ricky and Kriszta, who confirmed to apres-hasher Pussies that what the hare had provided was long enough, hard enough and that they would come again. Meanwhile returnee Mouldy Auld Shite took refuge in the hash having escaped the mayhem that he's been causing in the middle east. His presence seems to have had a marked effect on the G-String family, who arrived early for the first time in...well, several days at least. Our other returnee was Deirdre, who last ran with us so long ago that she'd forgotten her hash name. This was rectified by Cap'n F at the final circle, who temporarily christened her Milk of Amnesia - at least until the Count can dig into the archive records and find out... [update here .. count has unearthed 'moccasin' 18 runs from way back .. gorjoyce thinks that may be she .. waiting for someone with a memory to deny or confirm ..]

The trail lay to the South-East of Baldock and was found quickly by an assortment of Peckers, Twiglets and Splinters. Forking found what should have been the right trail, only to be told that "there's nothing up there". Mekon was first to the ladies check - Shagpile checked and she has since been added to the list of nominees for callipygousness. The shiggy was shared around - newee Ricky got splashed by a passing child and Frau bore evidence of having been accosted by one or more of team RA. Zebedee bounced around trying to avoid the mud, while Cap'n F had to hold onto Scrummy Dumps for support. Carmen, Atomic Titten, Bangers and Madge all survived without falling in too. "Drat, Damnation, Curses and Bollocks" was the Fat Controller's response to the news that there was no beer stop and he still had no sausage in his nightgown. Kisses Anytime therefore had to wait until we got back to the pub for refreshment.

The pub was still open on our return, and we found G-String, Skidmark and Family, plus a number of very latecomers (Lush and Pussies) keeping the pub in business. Underlay appeared in our midst shortly before the circle, while Lady P still hadn't arrived by the time we all left to go home. The circle was rather chilly - although we were spared the sight of Double Entry turning blue again because she ran away as soon as the run had finished. Newees, Returnees and the Hare all got beers, and 50 run tankards were awarded to Splitblox and Lush.

Rapid Withdrawal presided over the awarding of down-downs on various trumped up charges - no change there then! It would be too predictable to give the FRB award to Pecker or Zebedee again, and impolite to award it to a newee. Gorjoyce, as sponsor of the newee in question was therefore given this prestigious honour.
OnOn to Sharpenhoe (Sunday), and TNM (Friday)
[just for completeness we should mention Shuffle Cock, Knobber, Hash Bike, Fizzy & Knotch, especially as we nearly lost the last two to hypothermia]

Bangers bored by Newbies

Click (and hold) to see who's been pawing woman

50 run award for Split Blox ..

... and 50 for Lush too