Run 1028

13 February 2011

The Old Farm Inn, Totternhoe
(Red Dress Run)

Hares: FDC & Bangers


A falsie afront Castle Hill

As motley a crew as you'll find in all of Beds

Whose birthday is Lady P expecting?

Team RA held the rain back on run 1028 so that it didn't spoil the fashion parade of Red Dresses. However, the going for the 11.00 start was soft to liquid shiggy once the runners left the village and hit the countryside. A warm welcome to Zebedee's colleague, but after this run will they still be friends? At least he donned a spare red dress from Forking Dickchair's collection.
Over pastures and fields the pack ploughed onwards. Leroy ploughed a lone furrow while crop trashing. Before long there were fallers on the slippy paths as both Double Entry and Nik Nak tumbled on their knees before Rapid Withdrawal. Submissive took a more elegant fall in the mud, only Ravel's Bolero playing in the background could have improved it. Zebedee was down but quickly sprung up with a Boiiiing! Frau Krafty Rot carried the Hashit, now with some Banksy artwork on it. There was dogging on the hash, firstly Submissive passed Max to Lost Cause. Double Entry was then dogged with holding the confused pooch that then promptly took a doggy bath in a mucky great puddle. There were obstacles and stiles to cross, for those behind Shagpile was Shagpile's behind. Underlay may be familiar with it as she led her followers up a false trail. At the same time Submissive found few followers with any faith in her route choice. As a gap of about half a mile separated the two groups it was Submissive who had the last laugh, successfully leading the pack across another ploughed field before getting caught out by a number check. The going underfoot was so heavy it was short cut route for Captain Faaaantastic who had to leave early and Atomic Titten who wanted to be first to the bar for a bowl of cheeezy chips.
Once everyone was back at the Old Farm Inn Nik Nak was reunited with some old shoes whiffing slightly of cat. Count Roadkill was awarded his 300 run sweatshirt and Lush Big Knickers collected a tassle to go with her outfit. Bangers nursed his shandy as the chief hare before running the well-liquered Forking back to his hovel and chauffeured Ringer home as he had gamely walked to the hash.
On-on to the Engineers Arms, Henlow
Bangers & Forking
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Subby's reputation means she runs trails alone: even if they happen to be right

300 Award for your 'umble servant, The Scribe

Nik Nak recovers her shoes