Run 1026

6 February 2011

The Horns, Bulls Green

Hares: Lady P and her Count


Weary number checkers

Cosy apres drinkers

Zebedee is named

"Rather like a racetrack" said Thongo when asked, as he usually is, what he thought of the run. Apparently he was referring to the massive Hamilton Homestead, passed on route, but he could easily have been hinting at the pace at which one Hare allowed the FRBs (and yes we had some, most notably Willy and his Warmer) to charge ahead in the traditional manner rather than hang around for the Knitting Circle (no surprise we had one of those).
And it worked quite well. The FRBs seemed to enjoy it (until they realised how far the back was at a number check), we were home in good time, and the KC were with us thanks to a clutch of short-cuts near the end.
Of course being The Count I can still find a few things to moan about - like if we had rules, instead of just traditions, they would probably say:
"* Follow the ON * Don't check hover and * The back, at a number check, is the back (the venerable Bangers is excepted this rule) ".......
And in that case, quite a few of us would be sitting on ice for a while. Still, with Ts laid as Bars, and vice versa, the hares would have cold bums too.

But we are the archetypal Women's Institute Hash, and I mustn't forget it. So let's just say it was a jolly smashing trail through some delightful Hertfordshire countryside and past some super houses probably homes to some of the County's finest. And the scones were delicious.

And had the timing been right it would have been an H5 Classic - the shiggy two weeks ago was to die for: shame it's been so dry since.
Frau Krafty Rot was again guest Hash Flash - and a fine job she did despite inadvertently frightening the horses. Hash Camera decided to flash when taking the photo you see above right, and the enormous edgy equine and her mate made a bolt for it to the consternation of a hasher or two.
Back at The Horns we were made welcome before a somewhat diminutive circle, by recent standards, enjoyed 74 portions of Lady P's cheese scones in record time and witnessed the naming of a bouncy, brightly clad character now called Zebedee. This followed identification of a string of apparent misdemeanors either imagined, invented or in some cases actually witnessed by Team RA.
Double Entry was mistress of the single entendre, Gorjoyce the victim when her ironing went tits up, FKR had callipygous feelings behind FDC (actually I made that one up), Bangers had a name, Lost Cause got lost and FDC had a pork scratchings down-down for hiding behind the bike shed instead of completing a number check.
All in all, I do believe, a good time was had..... "Time for bed" said Zebedee.
The Count, and his Lady


Raincoat but no flashing

Fork scratchings

Gorjoyce's ironing pride