Run 1025

30 January 2011

Waggon & Horses, Eaton Socon

Hares: Smiffo & Screamer


Bangers in Bridge Triumph

Jas ignores Donut's chip pan

The modern kissing gate: made for a double buggy

Some Birthday Hatters

Ok here goes all relaxed after 3 days in Southwold sampling the various outputs of the Adnams brewery and distillery...what happened on the weekend of the 50th anniversary of my birth?

My co hare and I wandered up and down outside the Waggon and Horses on Saturday morning trying to find Peppercorn Lane (DONUT had assured me this was the best direction to start in, and so it proved). Once located, we then spent about 100 minutes distributing the contents of three 1.5 kg bags of self-raising flour around both the countryside and urban environment to form a hash trail for the H5 kennel.
Come Sunday at the appointed hour the GM called the circle and discovered 3 birthday girls (ABI, KISSES and SUBMISSIVE), two newies (KATE and GUNTHER), four returnees (MUNCHKIN, SASQUATCH, POPPY and ABI) in addition to yours truly (birthday boy) along with upteen balloons (thank you GRACE or should that be SKIDMARK). The hares entered the circle with warnings to the FRBs of the amount of flour laid and the fact that no dust means you're not on the trail (but more of that later). So without further ado it's on left out of the car park and down Peppercorn Lane, where most of the pack (FAT CONTROLLER excepted) miss the blue plaque (included below).
Not only a run with fresh air, but some history thrown in to boot! The pack now reaches the first check. UNDERLAY selects right, which is wrong and SHAGPILE selects left and finds himself out in front. Almost immediately he is brought to a dead stop drooling over some other chap's yaggi (aerial for the uninitiated).
The trail heads towards the swings but nobody is distracted, the false trails are quickly discovered and UNDERLAY leads the pack towards St Neots, only to discover a bar placing KNOTCH and SPLINTER in the vanguard. They discover another check causing PECKER to find the T and PP to disappear in the wrong direction on no dust (see earlier warning); needless to say the hares just followed the trail (he soon caught up).
A held check at the bridge collected all together before the turn for home. Another bar towards the caravan park turned the pack around and KATE and MUNCHKIN found themselves out in front until the trail veered left and RAPID took over front pack duties...not for long as the next check was a five to the back check. The following check was for the ladies and LUSH ran the falsie (sorry).
The pack then ran on no dust at all and had to be directed back onto the trail: think it must have been the lure of the fire engines calling them off course. Back on the trail UNDERLAY was FRBing again, discovering the final bar then it was over the weir to the last check and on home...or so I thought. I arrived at the check after tending to the back markers to discover SASQUATCH and MUNCHKIN had decreed it a hare birthday down downcheck (what a nice thought).

In the circle the Hares, Newies, Birthdays and returnees were invited to drink along with SHAGPILE for his anorak moment. The FRB went to GSTRING and the Hashit to THE COUNT.

ON ON Smiffo (and Screamer)

NEXT WEEK'S HASH is at Bull's Green, about a mile south of Datchworth

What's Lush so coy about?

Double poses by St Neots Bridge Art as chip pan fire dies down

Newbees Kate and Gunther

Some more Birthday Hatters