Run 1023

16 January 2011

The Vicar's Inn, Arlesey

Hares: G-String & PP


By the raging River Hiz (see map)

3 birthdays, 2 hats

Deca Mug for Jas

It was a bright and sunny winter's day - not suprising considering that it is the birthday of two current RAs and one former RA! On this occasion the birthday hat was shared amicably, without the need for any Rugby. Rapid had brought his own, although it looked worryingly pink. The trail had been laid by G-String the previous morning, and he arrived just in time - giving himself approximately 10 seconds to explain the trail to PP so he could act as front hare. Ringer called the circle and within 2 minutes we were off on G-String's 'Henlow Surprise'. It turned out that the surprise was that we didn't go to Henlow.
G-S mapThe challenges of the information age (aka being unable to print a map) meant that we had to follow a very rough sketch of the route - the result being that the first check was one that we should have come to some way into the run. This resulted in some confusion as the front running hare thought we should be going one way, when the trail markings indicated otherwise. In the end PP directed half the pack back on to the planned route, half the pack followed the route as indicated by the markings and half the pack went up a falsie - don't you just love Double Entry accounting! Nothing like 50% extra free - although I'm not sure if the attendance figures above take this into a Count.
Eventually everyone met up again at the Arlesey war memorial from where the knitting circle was able to take a short cut and the rest made a loop through the houses, over the railway and back up by the river. Lush Big Kn*ckers was slightly alarmed by the bulls in the field - although not as alarmed as the bulls, who ran away across the ditch. Too much orange for that time in the morning, perhaps?
The last section of the run was back across the fields to the main road, across the station footbridge and on inn to the pub, where Foghorn and Ward 10 were waiting to welcome the survivors. A selection of drinks was consumed, along with scones and jam before the circle.
The circle itself was typical, other than Gorjoyce's attempt to flatten it with a display of imprecision unparking. Mekon was almost awarded the hashit by Forking, but she accepted the beer while Forking kept the shirt for himself. Despite loud cries of "keep them on" he proceeded to remove his upper garments anyway. The front hare suspects these shouts might have been different had the intended recipient been trying the hashit for size. The Bog Seat went to Jaz (or was it Depth Charge) - as a way of telling them apart. A number of other down-downs were awarded for mathematical inaccuracy (DE), deca runner (Jaz), 300 runs (Shaggy), Athleticism (Lush) and lost property (Cap't F, who managed to lose both his tankards!).
OnOn to The Noah's Ark

No beer stop for Depth Charge

300 Runs for Shaggy

Lush Big Kn*ckers, Supreme Athlete