Run 1022

9 January 2011

The Royal Oak, Lidlington

Hare: Airscrew


Hash 'View' Check

Check it out all three ways

A Newbee, 3 Happy Harriettes, and Skippy

10:59 - with most of the Hash layered up and keeping warm with Group Hugs...the circle was formed. Anniversaries?...Lady P thought so, The Count not so sure.
After some words from the Hare it was "On Out" down the hill and over the railway lines, where Shuffle led the pack to the first bar. A '5 to the back' was almost missed but with some shiggy and a freezing wind, the pack finally arrived at the railway crossing. The Fat Controller then proceeded to tell everybody the rules on how to cross safely and how to 'end it all' if you felt the urge...
The 'hill': the contour lines on the map didn't do it justice, even the front runners were brought to heal and ended up walking. The '3 to the back' halfway up was ignored and chosen as a 'view' check instead... a view to the back of the pack as it came up the hill towards them...why run back down when the pack will come to you!
At the top, Truly S was looking rather pale and a little breathless, but she wasn't the only one, as the pack grouped together in slow was then On On to a ladies check and true to form Submissive chose the false trail.
A few more false trails across the fields and a cunningly kicked out 'Bar' found the pack heading down the hill towards the Village. At the bottom, a sharp left turn took the pack back out on to scrubland. At which point the Hare did a vanishing act as he needed to lay more trail and circled round to the bottom of the hill to wait for them...although this proved confusing to the Hash as they stood like 'lost sheep' at the top of the hill.
Eventually the Pack moved off from its lofty position. Underlay & Shuffle chose to ignore a '3 to the back' - which did not go unnoticed by the RA, but they were eventually caught by a bar. The Count found the correct trail and called "On Inn".
A 45 minute run was clearly not long enough and especially when the Landlady's Mother had to call the owners, because the whole pack was waiting outside in the cold most patiently...sorry about that.
Down Downs
The Hare, Lady P (poor sod, 30 years since she meet The Count), Lady Chatterley awarded the Ashes, Fat Controller for bursting into song in the circle, Lady P downed a Blue Wicked for lost property, quickly followed by PP for lost property, The RA for spillage of Hash Beer, Ringer for leaking on the Hash, Submissive for her late arrival, Jas for a previous week's offence...the RA never forgets! Gorjoyce for instigating the Group Hugs session, Pongo for the exchange of bodily fluids and finally Shuffle and Underlay for ignoring the '3 to the Back Check'
On On to The Vicars Inn, Arlesey

PS thank you Underlay for the red food colouring

Doing as they're told for once

Shuffle & Bangers, a pair of

Fat Controller is a blue toothbrush
On the Down-Down Machine

Rapid & Ringer

Submissive & Jas

Thongo & Gorjoyce

Shuffle & Underlay