Run 1021

2 January 2011

The Wheatsheaf, Tempsford

Hares: Foghorn & Donut


Who could this be aimed at?

Scooper retrieves the hat the hedge had

150, 250 and 50 Run Awards

We were planning to lay the run on Sunday morning until Ward 10 informed me, there will be less rain on Saturday! So, Saturday pm, Foghorn and I set off only for the heavens to start showering down 5 mins into the 'lay'.
The forecast was for more rain on Sunday but thankfully they got it wrong. 11am, circle called by the GM - Happy New Year greetings to all. A fantaaastic turn out including Nimrod, all the way from Vancouver, donning H5's Run #1 shirt, and Scooper, returning from his exploits in the USA.
Hares called in - a welcome to 'angry farmer country' - one must walk not run as the cows get scared! The sum of the run no. digits, 1021, actually equal the new year, 2011. Useless trivia we know, but mentioned anyway. It's ON-ON out of the pub and after a couple of falsies, it is right towards the Anchor. Another falsie and back through the farmer's yard. On to Roxton Weir and a 3 back check. The FRBs ran a long falsie which allowed the knitting circle to catch up. It's on to pastures new as the hash was led west towards Blunham - lots of remarks resembling "we've never come this way before" etc. The trail follows the river, a couple of 'fish hook' numbers to the back helps keep the pack together. On to a '5 back' check. Shaggy calls ON only to reach a 'T' some 250m away. Shagpile and Depth Charge then lead the pack further along the river - this turns out to be another long falsie. The walkers then have caught up and Shaggy finds the trail towards Roxton. Fat Controller bleats "why we are still going away from the chariots". Obviously, the trail being so meandering, he got very disorientated. Another couple of numbered 'fish hooks' give the FRBs plenty of exercise! ON to a held check in Roxton village.
After further meandering through the village, the Hares split. Foghorn takes the hash north then west across the meadow back towards Tempsford, whilst Donut leads the walkers on a short cut. Underlay runs a long falsie on her own as no one else was falling for it! ON to a numbered check where Capt F and Shagpile are confident they know where the trail leads - "we always go over the bridge" - no not this time! The trail follows the river back towards Roxton Weir the back through the angry farmer's farmyard and the ON-INN, but only after Biggles has a tumble in the horse shit! Shagpile commends the Hares for going through the farmyard twice! Submissive checks her watch and informs us her run lasted 59mins 17secs. Give or take a few secs!
Circle up and down downs for the Hares followed by birthday girl, Pussies, returnees, Nimrod and Scooper, 250 runs, Lady P, 150 runs, Foghorn, Splinter, 50 runs, new shoes, Rapid Withdrawal, timing the run, Submissive and Underlay, the FRB team, Shufflecock and P.P, and Bangers for his new year resolution - to wear his trousers twice as they were inside out! Etc. Etc. Oh and yes, Gorjoyce, for losing the Harerazor book - returned in exchange for Rapid's Wallet. Back in the pub for a scrummy lunch and 2011 'Good Luck' horseshoes - given courtesy of Her Majesty!

ON-ON Foghorn & Donut

RA, drenched during sermon

Submissive & Underlay, too techy

Returnee Nimrod is entertained