Run No 999

Saturday 29 August 2010

Black Swan, Homersfield

Hares: Bangers, Shagpile & Underlay


It was great to see so many of the H5 family had made it to Suffolk for the run, including a veteran H5 member, no other than The Colonel. Even the weather was kind to us, so Well Done RA!

After the preliminaries were over, the pack set off on the first false trail. As the lead runners could be seen approaching the road, the sound of a car skidding could be heard that seemed to go on forever. Had the FRBs been wiped out by an East Anglian Speedy Gonzalez? Fortunately no one was hit, but a few hearts were racing for a while!

That drama over, the pack got on with the run, with early FRBs being Smiffo, Capt Fantaastic and Pecker. A lady's check briefly halted them and then the trail led through a woodland path. Although overgrown with stingers, the keen hashers raced along until another check at a stile was discovered. Trails led off in three directions, but Pecker was soon calling On along the right one. Shortly afterwards Biggles led a good chunk on the FRBs down a false trail which allowed the laggards to catch up. A held check was found at the top of the hill and soon after this the trail led across a ploughed field. Fortunately not too 'claggey' so most went across without too many moans.

At the next check the true trail was more illusive. Finally PP dashed into a beet field and called the ON. Here Lush Big Knickers was seen going at a pace (she explained that she needs the exercise as it's nearing 'Little Black Dress' season) and The Count wasn't far behind [understandable she's going to fit that LBD nicely ...ed]. There was a lengthy delay at the next check while we all waited for Fizzy and Skippy to catch up. As they came into view the reason for their slow pace became apparent; they had the Good Craic ball and chain wrapped around them! It seems Capt F was guilty of this child abuse!

The path through a church yard was taken by the Short Cutters and the rest of the pack followed the trail though a meadow alongside a small stream. Biggles, Shaggy and Foghorn were along way ahead and didn't spot the check. They ran on through the shiggy for a long way before realising that they hadn't seen dust for ages. Having arrived back, the FRBs along with everyone else took the obvious path up a leafy lane which in turn led onto a long field path to the roadway. By now there were a few tired hashers, but they bravely carried on enduring cruel fish-hook checks until nearly back at Homersfield. A strange sight was seen at the road - dozens of ducks crossing the road and causing the traffic to stop. Capt F and Foghorn went to assist the ducks with their crossing!

There was a short circle (much to the RAs disgust) at the end as food was imminent in the pub. Down-downs went to the hares, Shagpile, Underlay and Bangers. Skippy and Fizzy got D-Ds for their puddle splashing and I'm sure there were others, but I can't remember what I had for breakfast, much less things five days ago! [how's the search for younger hares going? .... ed]

[note for hash flash: pictures don't match up .. must guess what wurdz will say...ed]