Run No 998

Monday 23 August 2010

Greyhound, Haynes

Hares: Capt F & Shufflecock


The Scribes' threat of emasculation for Hares not sending Wurdz has worked well (see 997): this week both sent Wurdz. 1st The Good Capt:
Laying the run was a real pleasure. The weather was grand and Shufflecock and Capt F set off in fine spirits. Every trail around Haynes had previously been used on one run or another so a decision was taken to go slightly further afield in the pursuit of some previously un-trodden trail.

The weather from the time that the trail was laid right up until the start of the run was utterly dreadful. The RA joined us as the pack set off and a miracle occurred because this was the precise time that the previously unrelenting bad weather broke and the sun started to shine.

The start of the run went well and the pack stayed pretty much together until we reached the outer environs of Haynes. Unfortunately after this point the route had some pretty long sections which stretched the group out. This problem got worse and worse and eventually got to the point where some of the knitting circle (ie. Gorjoyce, Legs 11 & Ginger Tom) realised that they could not keep up and decided to return back to the pub.

Quite bright for the first few hours ...

...then the sun went down, the herons nodded off ..

... and for the last few hours it was moonlit

It was clearly going to be a long run. After an hour the sun had pretty much set, but the goods news was that there was a full moon. This was a good job, because at this stage we had only just about reached the furthest point from the pub on the fringes of Wilstead. In a desperate bid to get back at a reasonable time, the lead hare (Capt F) decides to press on. It was probably due to this that the pack just got more and more fragmented. This coupled with the fact that the bad weather had just about washed the trail away in its entirety and that the light was failing rapidly is probably the reason why we lost some of the pack.
Apologies to Underlay, Lady P, Custard, Airscrew et al for losing you, Maybe the run was a tad ambitious and probably better kept for a sunny Sunday in early autumn.

That said, the views were truly spectacular and we did manage to find some new territory for a Haynes run. I personally really enjoyed the exercise and quite a few of the pack excelled and were running at record pace. Most notably Lush Big Knickers, Submissive and Frau Krafty Rot were totally inspiring.

Just to précis the run. It was long, very long. There were plenty of numbered checks that were either washed away or simply ignored. There were a couple of ladies checks and a Heron check, but unfortunately the Heron must have been tucked up in bed. The scenery was magnifico. The pack were sorely tested, but as always extremely gracious.

The FRBs eventually got back to the pub after about 1½ hours, but I am pretty certain that there were quite a few that may have taken a tad longer. It was certainly a welcome site getting back. Down-Downs were liberally awarded by team RA, but other than to Gorjoyce who got hers for not going the whole way, I can't remember who else got one. Hopefully the Count's camera work will help to fill in the gaps.

Your deeply apologetic hares

Capt F & Shufflecock
ON-ON to Runs 999 and 1000 at Ringfield Hall Suffolk

Nothing to apologise for Capt, a very memorable evening .... Scribe.
..... unless of course you apologise for trying to make a poor old bugger do a number check you only dusted after he passed, knowing the weary sod was in for marathon slog. In which case apology accepted.

Rapid's Babes were in good form

Old Dog, same Old Trick ..

.. not Old, no Dog but same Old Trick

Next up Shuffle, also in apologetic mood:
There was a hash called H5
Who all seemed very alive
But it looked like rain
and the will started to drain
before hares set them off down the drive.

The pack went left, the pack went right
It seemed like it might take them all night
To find the right trail
and hope it wouldn't hail
instead the sun was nice and bright

The GM was causing a fuss
with Double Entry in the bush
Gorjoyce joined in
I think it involved a bin
Maybe he was hoping for Lush

Number checkers had a long way to the back
As the knitting circle took some flack
Legs and Ginger Tom held sway
As back markers, they ran away
Even Frau Krafty Rot said "Sod this, its load of cack"

Hashers were running in the dark
while Madge started to bark
"We're still going west,
This ways not best"
cried hashers who were suitably narked

Lady P got lost in the woods
with Custard as only they could
Underlay lead them astray
with Airscrew far far away
and Shagpile rescued them (it's not going the rhyme all the time)

A circle in the dark, which is rare
FRB went to the hare
RA held court
several hashers were caught
Doing things that only they'd dare

One last question for the meek
Lush asked "where are we next week?"
So on to nine nine nine
Loads of hashers are coming to dine
The ale had better not be weak.

On On and apologies for atrocious limericks Shufflecock

..ouch, see what you mean ... Scribe