Run No 996

Monday 9 August 2010

Green Man, Eversholt

Hares: Ringer & Forking DC


Hares spare no expense to explain the signage ....

A warm welcome to Chez Forking

Thongo thought it was a Ketchup Run

Run No 996 is a reminder of how close H5 are to Runs 999/1000. As for MKH3 it was run 1226.

Where shall we begin; perhaps with all of MKH3 arriving half an hour early as their routine start time is 1900 hrs. After an H5 circle where our system of checks and number fish-hooks was explained to the guests, off we set, up a freshly reaped field of wheat stubble. As the pack set off uphill Nik Nak whispered in Forking's shell-like: was it safe to proceed? 'Safe as houses' the hare reassured her, but looking around the countryside untrustingly she replied 'But there are no houses here?'

Through pastures of gambolling sheep and enchanted woodland, no checks were wasted as the FRBs such as Brian without a Name Yet [Asst Ed note to RA: digitus extractus] and Private Parts explored all routes. With the field of runners about the same size as the Grand National, there were several number checks employed about the course to keep the front and back together. The Kissing Gate crossings were also delaying the FRBs, but Le Voisin was keen to put the kissing part of them to good use with any passing female in the vicinity, such as Gorjoyce or Lush Big Knickers. A field of thistles kept the pack in Indian file with some carrying going on. It is acceptable for Skippy to be hoisted on Frau Kraft Rot's shoulders, but for Double Entry to mount the Count is asking for a Down-Down.

Other worthy Down-Down recipients include birthday boys Shufflecock (acting RA) and Thongo who declared the run as assorted as a tin of Heinz, there being so much variety. Chester was awarded the Good Craic award for his sno-plough running style dragging Dogger at the other end of the umbilical lead into the circle. Pussies Galore was selected by MK as their 'Jugs of the Week' girl. Close second in that category could also have been Karmen Suits Ja and Ingrid. Legs Eleven bleating in the rain was a late 'wet T shirt' hopeful, but the passing shower barely dampened her. Afterwards as the beer flowed, Lush revealed to Forking that to match his Fork Lift Truck abilities she was a dab hand at the Cherry Picker. Since she lost her cherry long ago she now has no further use for it. I suppose that would match Forking's CV that states he was a dish washer at a Greek restaurant.

On On to Meppershall and The Sugar Loaf.

... and even arrange extra flour just in case.

Bringing some colour to Palmer's Shrubs

It's alright Shuffle: it's your birthday and you're among friends. Really.