Run No 994

Monday 26 July 2010

Plough, Langford

Hares: Gorjoyce & Private Parts


Amphibious Chester?

FDC aiming to fill new shorts

Melbourn Monk enticed by Pussies

The night after the run, and your GM and Hare is faced with a potentially life changing decision: write the words, or go for pint or two at the Engineers Arms... Hmmm... difficult one, but sometimes your GM has to take tough decisions!

The night after the night after the run: introducing Sexocet and co to the delights of the Engineer's Arms (the pub that is) was a good laugh. Now, however it's time for me to write a word or two or The Count with an O will complain endlessly and I really have no excuse tonight...

It seems incredible that after almost 1000 runs it is still possible to find a decent pub right in the middle of H5 territory that we've not run from before! A decent sized turnout included 4 newies that Shuffle Cock picked up from, a toilet-seat wielding Double Entry (what will the neighbours say) and a birthday-girl co-hare!

This bunch of rowdy misfits, led initially by Ringer, embarked on a scintillating tour of Langford village, taking in all 3 pubs, the village club and the GM's new HQ. Unfortunately the HQ is currently undergoing major refurbishment (i.e. only half the downstairs floors are fitted) so no beer stop this time (a factor which may have influenced the Engineers Arms decision the following evening).

Having covered the village it was time to check out the surrounding countryside; Submissive was as reliable as ever - wrong countryside again! Some things never change! Most of the pack chose to take the falsie past Flo and Overflo's former residence, but the real trail headed out along the road towards Henlow. Here Gorjoyce led the walkers on a shortcut along the river, while the runners ran a mile loop across the fields. Cap't F, The Count, Bell End and Brian that is called Brian were all caught out by numbers before the trail joined up with the shortcut at the riverside.

The final leg along the river was typically beautiful English countryside. We all remained dry; partly due to the weather, but mainly due to the absence of Scooby Doo. The circle was similar to other circles: Gorjoyce sang 'when I'm 64' while wearing the birthday hat - can you guess why? Lady P provided awards for Karmen Suits Ja (10 runs), Private Parts (250 runs) and Stallion (300 runs); Pongo gave a concise account of the history of Langford (or Long Ford as it used to be); Shagpile introduced a caption competition (most unwise given she's a black belt me thinks); and Forking gave a typically inexplicable explanation of the misdemeanours...

OnOn to The Chequers


Wot no Beer Stop GM? Not even a floor.

300, 250 & Deca Awards

What the best dressed H5ivers are wearing this season