Run No 993

Monday 19 July 2010

Fox & Duck, Therfield

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


Dogger prepared for anything

Newbies Jack & Ingrid

Birthday Boys (they were once)

Twas a hot and sultry evening when the H5 pack gathered at Therfield. It was good to see two newies (Ingrid and Jack) had joined us as well.
After the usual 'elf 'n safety warning was given the pack keenly set off to seek out the trail. Early FRBs were Capt F, Brian and Dogger who soon found a bar check resulting in a diversion into a bovine inhabited field.
After some to-and-froing, a gaggle of male Hfivers traversed the field at speed but were soon halted at a Ladies Check. Submissive was the first of her gender to arrive and duly began to check-it-out. Bad luck though; it was a falsie! A jet lagged Lady P found another false trail before the real one was discovered by Submissive. Across a small meadow she led the way to the next check, which just happened to be a Ladies Check. Only two ways to go, but unfortunately Submissive chose the wrong one. Bad luck again!
Now the trail led into a leafy track and the sweaty H5 bodies were an attraction for a variety of airborne bugs and beasties. Private Parts had his own buzzing halo whilst yours truly provided a landing strip on the bald pate for the bugs. Another (Ladies) check provided a short delay until Double Entry called the On.
The trail split away from the track up the side of a field of mature rape. Capt F and a few others lost the trail, but Shuffle Cock spotted the path that went straight through the shoulder high crop. He led the pack and eventually came back to the same mozzie infested track but had to halt at, yes, you've guessed it, a Ladies Check. Keeping up with the theme, Submissive arrived to do the necessary, but this time gave it some careful consideration before opting for the ........ False Trail! My, how we chuckled!.
Now dear reader, I don't want to bore you, so just to precis the rest of this report: 5 more Ladies Checks - Submissive 100% wrong in her choice of trail!  (She was a Good Egg though and only resorted to an expletive at the final one - I think).
We arrived back at the pub to find a shed load of motor bike riders were there enjoying the beer, and so our small H5 circle went almost unnoticed on the green in front of the pub.
Down-Downs were awarded, but other than to Submissive, I can't remember who, but the pics will give you some clues.

On On to The Plough at Langford
Shagpile & Underlay

Submissive anti-octopus

GM shows leadership qualities ..

.. but who took the hashit?