The Pig & Whistle pub

Run No 992

Monday 12 July 2010

Pig & Whistle, Stotfold

Hare: Knobber


Knobber times it precisely
"It's 7.29. Where's the Hash?"
Hash: 0 Knobber: 18
A false trail? Surely not!

the fickle finger of...shh, you know who
Who shot the GM?

Sponsored by Spotted Dick & Custard
Newie Mike succumbed to the cold (Guinness)

The circle was waiting when I eventually turned up after laying a 'figure of eight trail', just to be a bit different. After Mike visiting from Harrogate had been introduced the On On was called and the Hash left the Pig and Whistle.

Following a short loop through the south of the town, the Hash was surprised to found itself back at the Pig and Whistle soon after. After a brief period of the Hash wandering about in confusion and disbelief, Underlay discovered the path along the side of the pub and called the on to the held check at the High Street. This gave Shufflecock and PP a chance to rejoin after sneaking off together while the Hash were trying to find the other loop of what they hadn't realized was an '8'.

As it had been quite humid during the day, I had anticipated a sedate amble and set the length of the trail accordingly. So I became a bit concerned when Mike and Biggles started charging around looking for dust, and we arrived at the riverside sooner than I had planned. Disregarding my intricate powdered maze, they scythed a trail of their own to the held check at the Mill.

Everyone except Ringer followed the falsie along the edge of the appalling new housing scheme (but where there was once a peaceful meadow). So I called Ringer back to join the pack before it found the bar, which Underlay rightly pointed out should have been a T, and returned to where Ringer had been in the first place.

Then back through the churchyard and up and along the alleys, and along the High Street to find the ON INN.

Down downs went to me as the Hare, Mike as a Newie, and DE and PP (and Ringer) but I can't remember why, and should have gone to Biggles for big FRBing and Spotted Dick for not explaining to Mike that we don't run fast, but for the budget cuts that were the subject of Shufflecock's RA sermon. The beer was a bit cold for down downing although the Pig and Whistle has won awards for the best IPA in Bedfordshire. And it is the only pub that we run from that has an 'I' in each word (except the 'and'). [Do we believe this? - Asst. Ed.]


Many thanks to apres Bangers for rushing the remnants of his Bowling Club BBQ over to the pub. Much appreciated fare after the run - Asst. Ed]

On-On to the Fox & Duck at Therfield

but will it survive a first wash?
Fresh from Interhash

Are you?
Lilly checks it out...

"The Hash is under severe financial restraint"
...while RA Shuffle checks back in from Borneo