Hare FDC with assistants Malcolm & Rusty

Run No 991

Monday 5 July 2010

White Hart, Upper Sundon

Hares: Forkin', Malcolm & Rusty


The White Hart pub at Upper Sundon


...and after

News from the 'Why Tart' Saloon:

Off went the hash, although in the wrong way to start with until Private Parts led the downhill charge along a field path, returning with Chester borrowed from Dogger.  With two dogs on the hash, including newie cum hare Malcolm and his pooch Rusty, Double Entry showed her dogging skills by running with Rusty. It was a bottleneck stop at the next stile as all tried at the same time to traverse the crossing, Rusty just barged through. The next fence crossing was better, partly as the hare Forking' had been round with the shears the day before and given the surrounding nettles what Nik Nak called a Brazillian cut. Not shy to admit to waxing on a bit, there was a Go Ape check on the village green as Truly Scrumptious carefully negotiated her way around the course while keeping her 'Black with shiny bits' nail varnished talons undamaged. Dogger, just back from his end-to-end challenge was still covering vast miles by hitting lots of number checks. Brian, an (as yet) un-named regular was FRBing despite carrying the Good Craic award with pride. The weather was great, the scenery fantastic the views stunning. The short cut way was taken by Thongo who summarised the route as discombobulating as he hadn't the foggiest idea where he was in this virgin territory, although he recommended the virgins. At the pub Thongo was giving his e-mail address to an old friend from the Nigeria hash. He spoke of the harsh life in those parts, which reminded me of a one armed, one eyed man from Honduras I once met in the bush.

Back at the pub, fresh from Eastborneo, Fat Controller and Kisses Anytime were waiting. Stallion and Matador exited sharply, thus missing the raucous circle where Ringer came out of the closet, Double Entry announced she had e-mailed everyone and Chester and Rusty shared a doggy down down of Bombardier Bitter from the dog bowl.

On on to the Wig and Pistle, Stotfold.

"The path goes ROUND the field!"
"Pongo on a stick" Work with me will you foot? It's just a matter of balance NikNak Gorjoyce walks the plank(s)
Hashers playtime