The Chequers pub at Wrestlingworth

Run No 988

Monday 14 June 2010

Chequers, Wrestlingworth

Hares: Mekon & Shufflecock


'Live' Hares Mekon and Shufflecock

Live Hares leave instructions for the pack
The On-Out is...somewhere!

Newie Brian has no fear
Newie Brian prepares for initiation

FDC had time to do the washing
Just ask Forkin' - it'll be quicker

Disclaimer: In the absence of Count Scribe for the next few weeks, the public presentation of any Wurdz of Wisdom that Hares may offer falls to the Assistant Scribe. Note however, that all cock-ups remain the fault of the Count.

"What we've got here is...failure to communicate", said the warden of the road prison to Luke in the classic 1967 film Cool Hand Luke. Likewise, failure to communicate struck our Hares for this run: "Where ARE you?!" blah, blah, blah "I've got to deal with the kids" blah blah blah. And so it was that we circled up, sans Hares, and were informed by the Hash Master that it would be a Live Hare run. Oooh, haven't had one of them for a while.

This though from the Hares:

Lazy Sunday afternoons/evenings are a good time to set a hash, unfortunately there also a great time to eat, drink and natter, resulting in the run turning into a live hash.

Monday evening and the weather was either lovely or ominous depending on what part of sky you looked at. Myself and Mekon started off with a couple of false trails before leading the hash into the fields, where we said hello to the horse. Leaving the horse behind, there was a nice a quick trip around field, with a stop at a rope swing over a dry ditch. From there to an overgrown trail through a wood and eventually back into another part of village. With surreptitious glances to make we weren't spotted (it was close to 7.30), we ran down the road and back out the other side of the village, round the field and ended up at the bulls. First field had a sign saying 'beware the bull', no bull only cows, second field had a sign saying 'beware the bull', no bull or cows, third field had no sign and was full of them, with the amusing sight of Mekon shooing away the inquisitive bullocks. Leaving them behind it was past the church and setting the on inn. Meanwhile the real hash was going on, piecing together the stories after the run, this is what I believe happened.

The hash started off with usual suspects Pecker and Count Roadkill FRBing, shame they were going down the false trails. Frau Krafty Rot found the right trail and was soon merrily talking to the horse. Shaggy had much fun on the rope swing, but was unable to make it to the other side. Rapid Withdrawal found the real trail through the woods, with Pussies almost getting lost in the undergrowth. Bangers and Submissive were almost in trouble when Madge and Max decided it was time for a bit of cow herding / bull rustling, but with a bit of help from Screamer and Flo managed to the dogs back under control, while Dogger and Donut got the cows off the road and back into field. The On Inn was found by G-String and Grace, and arrived back at the pub to find they'd failed to catch the hares by quarter of a pint.

A welcome to newbie Brian, a welcome back to Dan Dare, down downs for Karma Suits Ja, Shagpile, Forking and others, 50 run mugs for Double Entry and myself.

On-On to punting in Cambridge followed by the Pork Pie and Pimps run from Capt F's house.

I've seen it all before
The spectators were enthralled

"My feet HURT"
Just wait 'til I catch you!!

"Please let me go home"
Karma demonstates new
over-the-shoulder technique
50 runs but no pic yet (or is there?)
Who's got a shiny new mug then?
Well 'Shh, you know who' has as well
"There's no dust up there, I've already checked it out"
Can anyone join?
Shagpile checks the parts that other Hashers avoid
Ooo, that feels nice!!