Run No 987

Monday 7 June 2010

Rose & Crown, Tewin

Hares: Entry Entry and PP


Shaggy offers horse hashit

Dogger cycled into Forking DownDown

Guilty as charged: Underlay, ?, Shaggy & Zingalong

A worrying weather forecast for Sunday made us decide to lay the trail that evening in order to ensure that as much of the trail as possible survived the rain storm. Those hashers who made it to WWW's birthday bash at Captain F's pad will know that it rained very hard during Sunday afternoon. Both your hares were therefore very surprised (and relieved) to remain dry during the laying and to discover that the trail was still there on Monday evening.

Forking was a very early FRB, but led the way up a falsie while Underlay was seen heading off in completely the wrong direction. It was Shufflecock who found the right route away from the village green and out over the fields. The pack split on entering the woods with Pongo and Shagpile taking a short cut while the others took a longer loop. As the running group headed along a short stretch of road a call of "petrol" warned of the approach of Zing-along-a-max. The arrows laid by the hares clearly worked - he caught us up later.

The FRBs (Shaggy and Shuffle) both missed out on seeing the mill by the river, but then they avoided that particular falsie. Most of the rest of the pack saw it though, and the FRBs merely got a longer run to the back a minute or two later. The pack split shortly after, with the runners taking a long loop around a large field back to the pub while the walkers took a more direct route: Lush Big Knockers? [can't believe you said that PP but I take your points .... ed] orange attire was clearly visible from a quarter of a mile away!

As usual, everyone enjoyed a fine sample of beverages at the pub on their return, and we met up with Dogger who had cycled from Hitchin without the assistance of his 4-legged friend. Pongo described the run as being like one of the hares: very pretty. He didn't specify which hare though, but both hares got down-down rewards. CRk failed (again) to capture Double Entry on film (or indeed, on anything else) - her powers of camera avoidance are getting plenty of practice!


Custard kindly washes Forking shirt

Even wine won't tempt Lush to wear hashit

Getting close to that snap of Double Entry