Run No 986

Monday 31 May 2010

Lytton Arms, Old Knebworth

Hares: The Count and Lady P


Our GM enjoyed the Play Check

Pecker in the Park - FRBing

Custard beat the Scooby Challenge

For those of you still worried Fat Controller's Wordz for 985 may never arrive .... stop. They are here now. I for one love his work: see more of it at [sorry but this former link is now broken: Archive Ed]. A contender to rival Entry Entry for Wordz Writer of the Year?
As for 986 my efforts pale to insignificance. But with The Lytton - the Engineers of the South as we know it - you can't go far wrong. A bumper attendance, a few distractions (though I must confess I had not sussed the Mini/ VW car rally would be over by 4:30 - my mistake) and a lively apres - many thanks to the Scooby/ Custard combo here, of which more later - all adds up to a good one. Must admit therefore I was a bit miffed to hear that Thongo would have thought it "Too flat" according to the Fat Controller who we now know is rarely a man of few Wordz.
To start at the beginning, the GM made a dramatic last second entrance to lead the circle on a day that Team RA had left to the fates and received in return a typically chilly Bank Holiday Monday.
The early path through a back garden, past the tennis court, is a first for me and possibly Private Parts too, for he proceeded to buy two massive falsies, including falling at one into the dusty, stoney footpath. No matter for he recovered to lead the pack as they doubled back to a Play Check. And we know how much H5 like a play check (it's "quite a lot" as it goes).
All this time Scooby was diligently setting about his task of turning the Forking Shirt into a real Hashit: and what a great job he did. So much so it is credit to Custard for going within smelling distance of it, when awarded for hash-striptease, let alone wearing it on skin. She will surely go down in the annals.
On from the playground into Knebworth Park, and with the rally finished we virtually had the place to ourselves. Time then for Double Entry to steal Forking's pen and stick behind Capt F's ear before running off with Dogger's mutt. And for Submissive to remove half a hawthorn hedge from her mutt's bum before finding the ON INN.
Then it got a bit confusing. Not only did we have to decide which ale to drink, and which of Lady P's fine scones to eat but also to decipher RA Forking's down-downs. Only Forking knows and that's the way we like him.
We had a gang in the circle for anniversaries, Wordz default, wedding receptions and the produce thereof. And then mug-rustler DE, plus Scooby, Capt F and your very own Count were pronounced guilty of something, though what the latter three innocents could have done is beyond me.
For some reasons Gorjoyce and Skidmark joined Custard who followed up her hashit triumph with a deca award, and Pecker received the FRB award for constantly being the first back at the numbered checks.
And so it was that 986 came to an end in rather pleasant sunshine with the words "OnOn to the Rose and Crown at Tewin" closely followed by "a pint of Black Dog please".

Pecker, keen to earn that FRB award

Only Forking knows .....

Loadsa good Apres, that's the key

Scooby first carefully washed the hashit in a local pool: then it was dust-dried and rinsed before traditional boot-ironing and the final tyre-pressing