Run No 984

Monday 17 May 2010

Frog & Rhubarb, Slip End

Hares: Shuffle & Ringer


Another new location in the FH5 circuit for Hashers and Hares to learn. It being a glorious warm, sunny evening, the top-rated SureGrip® grooved-tread shoes would not be needed – worn-out slicks would suffice. Eighteen entrants assembled on the starting grid to be briefed by GM PP. Late onto the grid as per was Nik-Nak. Two class novices, Keith and Kay, accomplices of Hare Shufflecock, were introduced and welcomed, after which the Hares issued verbal pace notes and the hunt was on.

Underlay was an early victim of inexperience with the new course, sliding off almost immediately down the road opposite the starting grid, before recovering without incident to rejoin the pack. First to sniff out the OnOn was Capt. Fantaastic, slip-streamed by PP. Right from the start, the scrutineers were suspicious about the fuel PP was using; whatever it was, it definitely gave him an advantage.

After a lengthy stretch of tarmac and stone, it was time to head off-road. Would slicks be up to the task? It not having rained to any significant degree for quite some time, the course did provide sufficient grip. The off-road section arrived at a former pub, The Harrow, now an Indian restaurant. Here some very localised rain seemed to have fallen on an area of only about 1 metre square. It must have been quite heavy though, as it had washed out the held check completely – how odd! A short-cut from here was taken by Legs 11 and our occasional visitor Le Voisin, while the pack continued on another road section of the course. Back off-road, they had to negotiate what must be the narrowest chicane on any of the courses in regular use – a sign reading "Fat bastards keep out" would not have surprised anyone. Just after this point, Hare Ringer was expecting to see Legs and Le Voisin ahead, having rejoined the main circuit, but they were not in sight. A quick telling-bone call to Legs established that she and Le Voisin were both ahead and indeed FRBing, but said Hare had to push on a bit to catch up – puff, puff.

Legs takes a call from Grandad

Madge has a Magners

Nik-Nak saw off the RA

The course ventured into the village of Caddington briefly, where track-side flags all proclaimed 'No Bushwood', but he missed 'em as Bushwood hadn't turned up that night [Asst. Scribe: Note to Team RA – must remember Bushwood as a good future Hash name]. Now at its highest point, the course left the village and we soon ventured into a beautiful bluebell-strewn wood. When the Hares attempted a head-count, the Count insisted he was the only one qualified to count, and proved (?) it by counting (?) 11 Hashers and making it 10 – use toes as well Count!

Downhill now to a held check at which, it being 20.20 hrs, a shorter On-Inn was offered, but most of the pack opted for the additional 15-minute fully monty. Passing pub #3, The Plough, the pace notes indicated crossing over the motorway by bridge, before coming along side it, then passing underneath it. A final loop, which did not impress The Count (what does), led to the On Inn proper. Back on the grid in 1hr 10mins for the FRBs (PP and Capt F).

Job done and the sun still shining. Excellent. Where's our beer?

Down-downs (during which RA Rapid got a good soaking at least twice) to:

  • Rapid Withdrawal for Hashyversary (I seem to remember a birthday for someone as well)
  • Newies Keith and Kay (also sex-after-the-hash comment from Keith about "Oh good, she's having a beer - that means sex tonight")
  • Hares (ah, there it is)
  • Ringer for leaving the pack unattended while locating Legs and Le Voisin (there were 2 Hares RA)
  • Karmen Suits Ja for arriving in a skirt and raising Forkin's testosterone level (among other things)
  • PP for being energetic enough to be caught by 3 number checks, also earning him the Good Craic award

Others, not mentioned elsewhere were Scrummy, Lady P, Double Entry and Bangers.

OnOn to The Live and Let Live next week at Pegsdon
Ringer & Shufflecock


Capt F picks up Harriettes