Run No 983

Monday 10 May 2010

Strathmore Arms, St Paul's Walden

Hares: Bangers & FDC


One of those Bluebell Checks

Unpunished Competitivism

Double collects the Cash .... from a Worthy Cause?


If you are reading these words then you are tuned in to

The Strathmore Arms in St Pauls Walden was the venue for the bluebell hash. There were a great number of hashers and a great many canine followers, Dogger and Submissive soon got out their bondage kit to compare bits they were sharing to keep their dogs close at hand. Lush Big Knickers carried her FRB award well, favouring the feel of the ball in the right hand. The route went out past the local Cheshire Home. Even the knitting circle of Thongo and Legs Eleven both wandering lonely as a cloud, on entering Hitch Wood were greeted by a host of beautiful bluebells. The carpet of English Bluebells (Scilla Tubergeniana) was further appreciated by the short cutters including Lady Pee and Gorjoyce. The hardened runners took off up the hill and over the fields to regroup back at the pub. To ease the current economic crisis Double Entry was allegedly seen collecting for a Greek cause under the 'Save Laura Fund'. RA Shufflecock awarded the down downs including birthday drinks for both Frau Krafty Rot claiming to be eligible for a bus pass and an even younger Spotted Dick. Private Parts interrupted the RA in full flow only to be pulled into the circle for a dose of down down juice. Where were the Hashit and RAShit awards? At least the good crack award went to FRB Dogger. On on to the Ranarian and Rheum Rhaponticum in Slip End.

Forking Dickchair & Bangers n' Madge
Always beware of Team RA

The Thanker or The Winker?

Frau Birthday Rot

Gorjoyce ..the ORIGINAL Down-Down chucker