Run No 982

Monday 3 May 2010

Angel's Reply, Hitchin

Hares: Shuffle Cock & PP


"Sell Capt F"

Scooby nervous of coming home ...

....but takes the plunge

For those of you who went to this run, you may have noticed there were a couple of iffy moments.

  1. Initial planning for the run had been to hope for good weather on a May Bank Holiday (hot and sunny), this could allow us to stay outdoors afterwards and enjoy the sun. Thought turned to running from the park in the middle of Hitchin and drinking at The Bedford Arms. Reccing the pub, it proved to sell no good beer, so The Highwayman was picked instead as backup.
  2. Letting the hash know the week before that the venue could change if the weather was bad, provided for interesting questions how bad the weather had to be or how sunny the weather should be. Having not determined the appropriate temperature, this was slightly tricky.
  3. The weather wasn't good on the day, it was cold, sometimes sunny, mostly cloudly, and hailing, perfect hash weather.
  4. Instructions from Screamer about laying a short, no shiggy trail, yeah right.
  5. Arrived at The Hagliner to find out that they shut at 3 in the afternoon and opened again at 6. Bugger. Hash was moved to the Angel's Reply and several texts were sent to try and let as many people as possible know. This was greeted with scepticism from Double Entry, anyone would think she doesn't trust us.
  6. Gorjoyce turned up an hour early, having forgotten to reset her watch from her holiday.
  7. One hare was missing from the start, as he was back in The Hogfather for those that turned up there.
  8. Assistant RA was the hare, and no other RA had turned up. So everyone was left to themselves to award down downs. Down downs went to Gorjoyce, Fat Controller, Bell End, Shagpile and many others.
  9. Forgot to send the words in (may was well go for the complete set).

I'll be hereby resigning from the post of Chief Screwup, and let somebody competent take over.

On On to St Pauls Walden and the Strathmore Arms next Sunday [I think he's doing it deliberately now .... Ed].

Shuffle Cock Up

Hungry Hashers eye Madge

No RA = Mass Down-Downs

Gorjoyce goes ape for the Hashit