Run No 980C

Sunday 18 April 2010

Plume of Feathers, Ickleford

Hares: Gorjoyce & The Count


Back to the Ministry

Scrummy has legs

Karmen Suits Ja

Spare a thought for Lady Pee. It was the best day of the year so far: in fact it is difficult to imagine a lovelier spring day ever (wasn't it remarkable that the RA failed to take credit for that?). And there she was - we're back with Lady P now - stuck in Munich on her back from Sarajevo. For what it's worth FDC agreed with me - she should have stayed dormant in Pigeon Square and had a few beers while the dust cloud blew over - but he would, wouldn't he?
Not content with the dust hovering above us, your Hares had laid some white stuff on the hard and dusty ground around the rather pleasant village where, by the by, Sleepy Hollow and Shaggy were wed a while ago. This white dust lead the Hash along the Icknield Way towards Wilbury (where PP and Shuffle looked set for the Ministry Of Silly Runs), past the lavender fields at Cadwell Farm (where Shaggy imagined some dust to follow to nowhere), under the railway line (a risky process that needed an ankle biter count the other side), through the charming Lower Green (where Lush Big Pants and Pussies - gripping the GM's newly re-discovered Willy - pretended to run) before looping north and back to Snailswell.
Here chaos erupted - as of course we hoped it would - with the hash running back and forth like slow motion Keystone Cops. Eventually the final dog leg was found - and not on Madge, Max, Lilly or even Buster - by going west before south east and catching up with G-String, Grace and Rainbow, who must have whizzed past us at the speed of light, just before arriving back at the PoF for a Black Sheep. Plus the sight of Skidmark - high-tech super-runner that she has become - off to do another mile. One for sore eyes that was.
Ringer was kind enough to suggest that Thongo would have enjoyed the run so the down-downs were kicked off by the hares. Closely followed by the first of those to incur the Rath of Wrapid: Scrummy Dumps, who distracted us from the reason by chattering a lot and revealing her legs. Next up was Lush and I've got a feeling she was guilty of something tea related. Then Pussies - blowed if I can remember why - and PP for refusing to take the rap for something Rapid said, and in rather sporting fashion the RA took his medicine as well.
Next was Submissive for holing the Hashit which went to Lush who accepted this time with a more customary red wine. Step forward Forking for mislaying the Hashes and Double Entry for washing her 888 t-shirt to oblivion. The toilet seat went to Shaggy probably for competitivism and finally Pussies took the FRB award.
There was a naming. The hasher fomerly known as Carmen shall henceforth be Karmen Suits Ja, or such correction to spelling and pronunciation as Rapid shall deem necessary.

On On to St George's run at The Horse & Jockey, Ravensden

The Count & Gorjoyce

Icknield Wave

GM's Willy taken out

FDC admires Double's washing