Run No 980

Sunday 11 April 2010

Green Dragon, Upper Gravenhurst

Hares: Shaggy & Shuffle


The Count writes: There's only one thing I appreciate more than a Hare who files his Words and that's a pair of Hares who file their Words. After Shaggy's fine effort was uploaded by lovely Asst Scribe Ringer (that's another story) this via the electric email thingy:
Shuffle Cock writes: Saturday morning was a lovely day, warm and sunny when we set the hash, and as Mr Shaggy drove, I was able to do a bit of quality control testing on the Directors afterwards. Sunday was however less warm but still sunny and as Miss Double Entry drove, I was again able to partake of several Directors after the run, but that's getting slightly ahead of myself.
The pack set off with shouts of "It's likely to be this way, it always down the hill", and how correct there were until they found the end of the false trail and had to come back up the hill. First check found a peculiar sign stating "HERE BED RAGONS", not sure what bed ragons are, don't think I saw any, certainly didn't see any beds. There was also a rope swing for crossing the stream, in case the bridge was out of action (due to BET ROLLS). Mr Forking was first up with an attempt to swing across, followed by Mr Shaggy, with neither succeeding to getting across or falling in.
The pack moved on across more fields, a nice SC for the knitting circle with the runners doing 3 sides of one field. Numbers along the way kept everyone together but several exclamations of "You've got to be jolly well joking" were heard (Mr Airscrew & Mr Knobber among the culprits) when a number 10 was spotted.
The pack were then sent off to the road, only to find out it was a rather long falsie, more remarks of "What a cad" were heard, but it wasn't far after that, just up the field and past the church to arrive back at the pub.
Circle was called and merriment ensued, there were drinks for Mr Shaggy, Miss Double Entry, Miss Pussies, Miss Legs, Mr Private Parts, Mr Count Roadkill and several others. FRB for Miss Frau Krafty Rot [there's a delightfully debatable tautology in there somewhere ... ed], FRB mk2 to Miss Underlay.

Scooper out on his own ..

... but held at a check

Double Entry senses a camera

Tandem Gayboy

Shaggy writes: What more can you ask for? Saturday morning, fine weather, glorious part of the county, Shufflecock as my partner in crime, laying a Hash trail followed by Beer = BLOODY MARVELLOUS. Two hours later we are sitting in the Pub feeling quite smug knowing that our work had been done.
So Sunday produced another fine day, although there was a cool breeze from the East, which l was informed by our excellent expert Bangers, who appears to be very well read in the wind department. Circle up and after a quick chat from Shagpile AKA Tandem Gayboy, (due to his feminine colourful cycling outfit) it was over to the Hares, Shufflecock and yours truly.
The pack soon sniffed out the right trail, especially as Thongo shouts out "We always go across the road and down the footpath". Airscrew and Capt F, with Cardiac breathing heavily down their necks but not for long; a call of false trail had them running back up onto the road going to Campton. A Check, a false trail down the road, then the pack headed down the hill towards the stream. Cardiac and Airscrew ran into a bar, Underlay followed by Capt F guided the pack to a Held check. The Held check was beside a stream and a big tree with a carving on the side, also a rope swing. FDC was first to try to swing from one side to the other but failed, Shagpile was also tempted but failed,and so did l. Pussies Galore was tempted to do a bit of swinging, but declined at the last moment, that's women for you, lead up the garden path only to slam the front door in your face. From the held check, a false trail was laid parallel to the stream, PP was the first to see the T. The pack then had a climb up to a Fantastic viewpoint to survey the surrounding countryside. A shortcut across the field was option one, option two was a long loop, which most of the pack ran, well done Hashers.
A few more false trails lead the pack to a held check by the road. I was with the tail ends so to spur them on we had our own hash grand national. Double Entry came romping home first (all lathered up), second place went to the sprightly Ringer. l followed in third, and in fourth place was the old Carthorse, the Count, bless him.
From the held check it was down the road heading into Shillington, Airscrew being FRB, found the numbered check. A few more false trails, another big numbered check, which was greeted with a high degree of humour.
Across the bridge that had dropped slightly at one end, to a check. Shufflecock laid a huge false trail, (great job, that's my boy) the two FRB's to suffer this dastardly deed were the lovely Frau and Underlay, sorry girls. One more false trail which PP and Scooper kindly ran for the benefit of the pack, then it was a straight run in.
Down Downs were awarded to:
Shagpile for Lycra abuse and gay colour coordination, abusing the RA, FDC/Shaggy for swinging (FDC awarded himself a down-down, what honesty), PP for Willy forgetfulness, Double Entry and the Count, and a few more that l can not remember.

Shaggy and Shufflecock [sic].

ON-ON to the Plume of Feathers with Count Roadkill and Gorjoyce

Thongo knows the way

Shagpile tries water jump..

.. and Shaggy won't let go

 FKR is FRB with attitude