Run No 979

Monday 5 April 2010

Rowney Warren

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


Ringer doing hash cash

Woody Hash ....

... with optional shiggy

Hashit for Skidmark

For once I typed that with confidence. Your HM had told me after the run on Monday, and in no uncertain terms, that he of all the hares on duty that day, was the man for the Wordz job. And what with him being a former Scribe and knowing what a pain it is when hares can't be arsed to pen a few Words by Wednesday, well I thought that was it .. job done.

But no: let down I was. Cameroon is right. Give 'em a dose of National Service at the age of 60, that'll knock into shape. [Actually I think DC said 16 ....Ed]

Or so it appeared. Lo and behold it seems I may have misjudged the chap. He is not as disrespectful of his fellow hashers as I thought. He obviously went straight home and worked through the night on a Tweet. And this is it, as published on his personal corner of the Receding Hareline:

Fantastic run yesterday at Rowney Warren - and a fair turn out as well. On On to the Green Dragon

A masterpiece: concise, thoughtful, but punchy, with a hint of understatement in a contemporary tale told in a traditionally timeless style.[140]

My apologies Shagpile, I should have known you wouldn't do a G-String and let your fans down.


I'm still trying to work out whether I have been slagged off or praised by our Illustrious Scribe! But in mitigation for my tardiness, can I just point out that yesterday I was out all day doing my 2nd reccee for 999/1000 with Bangers. Unpaid and unthanked for this onerous task that involved visiting several pubs in Norfolk/Suffolk, haggling over food prices and checking the lie-of-the-land. Of course I could have stayed at home and writ The Wurdz which may have referred to the number of mutts on the run being Lily, Rainbooooow and Madge which makes 3 by my Casio fx-61F.

CLARIFICATION: You were being slagged off for dereliction of duty, which may have been a minor offence in the Navy but 'round here ....Scribe (but 9/10 for mutt counting accuracy; it would have been 10 but some count Madge as one with Bangers)

Bell End back with babe

Skippy as "Shy Grace" ....

... G-String with "Not so Shy Grace"