Run No 978

28 March 2010

Queens Head, Tebworth

Hares: Forking & Rapid


That "clocks forward" feel

Some of Forking's new friends ....

Submissive has the TRAshit

The run that 'Team RA' laid early in the morning when the clocks moved forward was on a warm and sunny day at the Queens Head, Tebworth.
Submissive was doing all she possibly could to get Max over the wonky stiles to keep up with the pack, led by Ringer, Shufflecock and Private Parts. There were number checks, falsies and with fields full of sheep: plenty of 'Baa' checks. Double Entry was traversing between fields pondering why the gate didn't swing both ways, speaking of course from her experience of swinging. Legs Eleven is a thespian in the making. She was practicing the lines for her leading part as second understudy to weasel in the school production of 'Wind in the Willows'. She exited stage left pursued by bear and Count Roadkill for a little short cut down to the stream.
The Count hobbled with his stick but couldn't put it to good use, instead being beaten at Pooh-Sticks by Legs 11. The two dogs played their own version of the game, Madge ventured below the bridge but how we all missed Scooby Dooby Doo who so easily would have cleared the blockage that was holding up the Count's Pooh-Stick.
Upstream there was raucous fun as Forking's 'Ladder Check' made best use of a tree climbing implement to re-create Jerome K Jeromes classic into 'Three Men up a tree'. Shufflecock, Submissive and Bangers monkeyed around with Madge managing to climb up 2 rungs. The trail went downstream to a crossing point leading up to more sheep fields.Lambs flocked around Rapid Withdrawal. Forking Dickchair also struggled to shake off his new best friend, a lovely little lamb. Despite introducing the lamb to its mother and even going through the sheep dip tank Forkings new friend stuck close. At the gate a passing tractor retrieved the little blighter, the driver reportedly saying "We'll call this one Forkin'; move over Kate Humble. Max likes sheep, but in a different kind of way, Submissive had to keep him in check on a short lead but sheep rustling was her downfall hence the award of the Hashit T shirt, as modelled by a newie literally picked up from the Pub.
Legs 11 as assistant RA awarded herself a down down for throwing herself into a prickly bush, lets hope she has the same vigour to throw herself into her part in the school play. In the circle Bangers was sporting a scratch on his elbow to be reassured by Lady Pee that a friend of hers with a similar flesh wound from a rose bush had hastily died within 36 hours from septicaemia. As Private Parts organised the wake should there be a need for one the circle dismissed to reassemble either on Good Friday at Rapids SH4 run or for:
Run number 979 at 4 pm in Rowney Warren on Easter Monday.

Weasel Legs is Pooh Sticks Champ

... another of Forking's new friends

Entry-Entry overcoming camera shyness