Run No 977

Sunday 21 March 2010

Fairway, Panshanger
(Joint with H4 for a change)

Hare: Mr. Y


Ankle biters playing together cheerfully.

... little horrors destroying the ON INN

Decas for Submissive and Skippy (Mum)

Got it this week - the name of the hare - same bloke as last week as it goes: Mr Y is none other than My Lil' Sperm 'ead and a jolly fine job he did again. Although afterwards there was talk of Long Cuts, and the Ankle Biters and Oldies Gang (I can't resist another pop at Mekon who looks about 14, but Fizzy told me how old she really is) with whom I was hobbling had little contact with the hash. But I'm sure that was nowt to do with this hare. I came across his name in the H4 report for last week's run - look out for it at (I saw the printed version) but be warned, don't attempt to read it all, life really is too short.
There are some mumblings on page 207 of that report about the sad boast on the H4 website being misquoted, so just to get the record straight it is, verbatim thanks to cut and paste:
A Hash who don't trespass in to other counties for half of their yearly Trails
Which really is something to take a pride in, is it not?
Anyway tip-top job of weather organising, whichever RA was responsible, and a jolly good trail MLSE. We particularly enjoyed the tour of the hide in Tewin Barns even though we couldn't persuade Frau Krafty Rot to take an interest in the Wedding Exhibition there.
And it was lovely to see the young people playing together so nicely in the spring sunshine, and to wander along debating whether the tinge on the distant trees is lichen or budding leaves. Which lead me to think on what H5 should proudly claim on the home page of our little website. How's about:
A Hash who don't think it's fair that we can't join the Women's Institute Federation
Back at the circle Split Blox wore the birthday hat and gave an exhibition of speed drinking, er, not. Deca Mugs for Submissive and Skippy, who went and stood in the corner rather than take a DownDown like a man. DDs also for yours truly for impersonating Skippy by skipping and obviously by then standing in the corner rather than take a DownDown like a man. To Double Entry for washing her FDC T-Shirt, to Ringer for, oh for goodness sake how can I remember all of these things and take the photos? And to Scrummy Dumps, Private Parts, Mekon and Forking Dickchair for, oh you'll have to read the H4 Words if you want detail like that, how do they remember it, do they tape the whole thing?
Anyway it's been fun putting ourselves about a bit, these last few weeks, being intimate with first Cambridge and then H4 (twice). But won't it be nice to be on our own again? To sleep in our own Beds, so to speak? To drink tea DownDowns out of mugs, to exchange knitting patterns and organise jumble sales for the poor, rather than listen to terribly ribald songs about not working in Chicago any more, and watching chaps trample beer into their shirts. I think so. So it's:


Your Scribe

Split Blox birthday speed drink

Skippy with her deca mug

Obligatory pose from Entry x2