Run No 975

Sunday 7 March 2010

Waggon & Horses, Steeple Morden

Hares: Capt F (+ Big Blouse & Kinky of CH3)

+ loads from Cambridge H3 for JOINT RUN

Clear blue skies, clear green fields

Big Blouse, No Knickers, Bar and Dump

Shagpile glad to meet long lost love child

Private Parts patrols the extremely large 975 circle

The weather was quite stunning. Cloudless blue skies and as the day progressed even a bit of warmth from the sun. However it was bitterly cold when the three intrepid hares set off to lay the trail at 8am on Sunday morning. Laying the trail with Kinky and Big Blouse was a pleasure. It was great to see Big Blouse again after a prolonged absence, and I really enjoyed chatting with Kinky as we laid the trail in some of Cambridgeshire's finest countryside. However, we were not really focussed on the job in hand as it transpired half way through the trail that Kinky and I had been following the protocols of our own hashes with regard to the trail markings. This clearly was going to cause confusion later on, but it was far too late to remedy.Having finished laying the trail, the hares were invited back to chez Big Blouse for a cuppa and a toasted hot-cross bun. I always knew that he was a star and a gentleman. I also enjoyed the beer stop. Big Blouse & No Knickers had gone to a lot of trouble. Their trestle table was simply heaving under the weight of all those beers, a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels, and some rather dubious looking Czech liqueur [it was loverly....ed].
The circle at the end of the run was also great. I loved the Cambridge hash songs which were seriously amusing and I have to say it was 100% pure vintage hash entertainment.


SERIOUS BIT: In H5 we all love Capt Fantaaaastic. It is inconceivable to us that anything on a Run could rile him: but it clearly did on 975. I rarely censor a Hare's Wurdz but on this occasion I've cut a bit even though I agree with its sentiments. I just fear it may have come across to some as a bit negative: something Capt F never is and The Words try not to be. So please indulge me this once Capt, let's talk about it over a beer at one of your favourite pubs next weekend.

Gorjoyce in down-down mode

CRK Christens 250 award shirt

Underlay with 400 Awards