Run No 974

Sunday 28 February 2010

The Crown, Willington

Hares: Donut & Airscrew


Entryx2 goes for triple camera protection

Trail damp bordering on moist in places

Capt F & Shaggy find a cosy spot for a cuddle

A gruelling morning, freezing cold wind and rain hit us as we laid the run and both Hares thought we'd have to endure it again for the main run, but thankfully it eased off nicely. Although the deep mud and overflowing streams were still a constant hazard! After 30 minutes warming up in the car, the pack circled up. PP told us it was the anniversary of his first 'Solo'..... the mind boggles!! The pack ran multiple false trails before Capt F led everybody out to the main road and then in to the fields. Chester got loose and decided to take on a rather large horse but soon realised he was no match. Once dog was reunited with owner and the pack grouped, it was into the field of thick shiggy calf muscles aching, but no shoes lost, the pack made its way to a waiting Donut, who promptly made the first 4 run to the back! A quick photo op in front of the cottage called "Little Ash" very apt due to the shocking inclement weather and therefore a somewhat diminished pack! Then it was on to a ladies check. Underlay clearly knew where she was and led the pack quickly on the right route. Airscrew did call "hold the next check" but when he arrived found the front runners checking out the various options. Puzzled, he then realised that some idiot had parked his red car on the Check, laid only a few hours earlier! Luckily the routes being checked where all false trails and the pack regrouped. Donut, cunningly held a gate open enticing the pack to run another falsie along the river - oh, nasty Hare! A long run down the cycle path towards Bedford then ensued, with the odd 3 to the back to keep the FRBs occupied. At the next bar, PP decided to head into the undergrowth, but was called back by the call of "ON-ON" by Shufflecock. The next check was quickly figured out by mister super fit, Capt F, as he disappeared off into the distance. A 3 to the back and a loop under the new bypass bridge kept the front runners entertained until the pack re-grouped at a Held Check. Donut laid an SC, which almost everybody took, but after some encouragement by Airscrew a pack of 5 headed into the quagmire of mud fields! and actually managed to get to the next check quicker than the SCs! The path took everybody back to the main cycle path (infamous red car), the laying of a new check on the way out and the opening of a gate, formed a new route for the pack to follow. But no one actually believed Donut so tentatively started along the river side. One thing the Hares hadn't anticipated was that the river would burst its banks in places, so what was a muddy trail 2 hours earlier had turned into deep cold pools of water for all to run through. Here, Shagpile proved to be Gorjoyce?s knight in shinning armour, as he rushed back to carry her over the muddy waters! At the last held check next to the bridge, a photo op for Capt F and Shaggy was convened before a straight run in past 'Danish Village' and 'ON INN' back to the pub - and loads of complimentary fodder. Down downs were awarded to the Hares, PP for his first solo!, Gorjoyce & Double Entry for carrying umbrellas, Shagpile got the FRB award for running the SC and fast backwards to assist Gorjoyce! Plus one or two from RA Rapid Withdrawal.
ON-ON to The Wagon & Horses - joint with Cambs.

Donut & Airscrew

Position 36, moist version

Shaggy hits a sticky patch

Shagpile takes FRB award