Run No 973

Sunday 21 February 2010

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Hares: G-String & Skid Mark


Underlay has the FRB award ..

.. Capt F has the Hashit ..

... and Twiglet can keep his 50 run tankard

What happened to the Wurdz this week then?
Well it's worth reiterating that the Wurdz belong to the Hares and the Scribe merely facilitates their distribution. On this occasion your Scribe did drag an admission from G-String that Skidmark had given him some time, without distraction from lovely wife or beautiful daughter, with the sole function of finishing off 973 with a few well chosen. But he did admit that the lure of a sneaky pie & chips was drawing him away from his keyboard.
Shagpile warned me about this one. "The bugegrs won't do 'em without fear of retribution or if you keep covering for them Count" was more or less what he said.
Retribution. I do have that infamous picture of Skidmark's bum. If I published that because G-String couldn't be arsed to do a bit of typing.... well, I wouldn't like to be on the end of that one. On the other hand I probably would. No that's not a great idea.
There are too many brewers in the country for an embargo to work, and he's three times the weight limit I set for hand to hand combat. There's not a lot I can do.
But I will rule out covering for them. The Posh Stop for G&Ts at Shuffle's gaff was a fairly novel twist, the "knock the duck into the pond with a chunk of bread" contest was mildly amusing but victorless, the Grantham's Gold in The Engineers was tasty, it was good to see Newbee Carmen, and as Pongo said ... what the heck did Thongo say? But it's not my job to tell you any of that.
No G-String, Skidmark, I will remember you leaving a big white gap in the middle of my pics. And my day will come.

Yes, Rapid you did look like a twit

The obligatory duckfeed stop

G&Ts at the Posh Stop