Where did you get that, young lady?

Smashin' Grab with only slight dressing as evidence of how she came by Bonnie, born 9 months and 3 minutes after her fairy tale wedding. Looks happy with her spoils doesn't she?

Run No 972

Sunday 14 February 2010

Red Lion, Preston

Hares: Private Parts & CRk


A lot of red and some dresses

How thoughtful of Preston PC ....

.. to provide fun for our kids

St Valentines Day. A time for a young man, fresh from healthy exercise in the countryside, to be turning his thoughts to affairs of the heart, not struggling to pen Wurdz to amuse you lot. At least that's the way I put it to PP, but he was having none of it. "I'm busy Count, you'll have to do 'em" he said, so here we go.
Cold, wet and miserable, you might say the weather was. But hot, moist and happy was H5 after a classic hash: a well crafted run in super country with extensive shiggy and lots of laughs. If I don't say it, in the absence of Pongo, who will?
Not the most auspicious of starts as Madge felt too poorly too join us and shivered her way back into Bangers' car, and Skidmark and G-String shortened the life of the planet by about six months by turning up in two huge gas guzzlers. But eventually the mixture of red cardigans, pink dressing gowns and really quite elegant little numbers left the car park and, like the lovely people they are, they managed to buy all 3 false trails from the village green before heading south on the right trail.
After making the most of the fine country, and largely speaking keeping together, we arrived at "Smiffo's Field" only to find the bullocks who chased the great man were much older, smaller and more docile than we remember them: also they were having a nice bail of hay for lunch and couldn't be arsed to be riled by red rags. Until Skidmark and Rainbow arrived. But fear ye not: pushing aside PP it was Double Entry who headed off the herd and sent them packing.
Into Preston and the trail involved negotiating some play equipment laid out by the Parish Council, I firmly believe, for children in the H5 age group. Oh what fun we had. Especially those of us who saw the expression on the face of "Enraged of Preston" who no doubt spent the afternoon penning a letter to the local MP.
In the circle each of Team RA stepped forward to add his own twist to the morning's events. Donut, Capt F, Lady P (provider of super heart-shaped shortbread for apres), Twiglet, Shuffle, FKR, all felt the wrath of their religious zeal. Rapid Withdrawal received the FRB award but it was G-String who stole the show.


G-String: dressed for the occasion, imitating a Tory MP (for Skidmark's 200 award, accepted on her behalf) and modelling the new Hashit

Fine run with excellent haring ..

.. that lead to confusion in the hash

FRB award for our esteemed RA