H5 marked the 68th anniversary of the death of the acknowledged father of hashing by toasting the memory of the Gispert at the renowned Taj Mahal Chinese Restaurant in St Evenage, home of fine cuisine for centuries. But first there was the little matter of a run around the notable borough featuring delightful views of PP's mansion and a warm beer stop at The Count's spiritual home aka Stevenage Hockey Club, as predicted by Shagpile. Young's Gold we had and jolly good it was too, especially when compared to freezing rubbish which Forking later served up from his makeshift dray. We nearly lost Shuffle and Scoooby Doooby Dooo, strangely without intent. If we'd known SDD would be with us - wearing shorts of course, does he ever not? - we'd have included the Swimming Pool in the trail. The RA caught Submissive and Ringer being naughty - and also Scrummy Dumps, Underlay, PP and himself but the camera didn't. Then on to the annual meal and the revelation that the restaurant is Indian: Bangers must have known he was wisely Madgeless. Donut, Ward 10 and Lady P joined us and a jolly good time was had - even by Double Entry who posed for your snapper to prove the point.  ON ON TO PRESTON........ Count Roadkill

Run No 971G

Thursday 11 February 2010

Taj Mahal, Stevenage

Hares: The Count & PP