Run No 971

Sunday 7 February 2010

Musgrave Arms, Apsley End

Hares: Gorjoyce & Shufflecock


Henceforth known as "Submissive"

PP gets his teeth into a DownDown

The Count not too sure about shandy

Another hash, another large crowd, not sure what the RA is putting in the down-downs to attract everyone but its certainly working.

With the hash called to order, a cat & mouse photo session started between Count Roadkill and Double Entry which was to last all hash, with the hand once more being mighter than the camera lens, however I believe the Count is determined to get that one elusive shot before turning his attention to easier targets like the the Loch Ness monster, the Yeti & the Sober Hasher. The GM gave his Willy to Truly to look after, someone forgot to bring the hashit and everyone forgot who forgot to bring the hashit.

The run set off south, then went around the back of the pub, stopped for a photo opportunity, and then on towards Shillington. Forking got lost early on, G-String romped far ahead, only to lose everyone, look at his GPS and find he was going in the completely opposite direction and Alex showed she was limbo champion [or submissive enough to take it on .... ed]. Both hares took hugh amounts of abuse for the length of the trail, and the fact that at 12.45 we were still heading away from the pub.

Digressing slightly but does being slapped by Truly constitute abuse or enjoyment? Just wondering like.

Anyway with ears burning we finally made it the church and the start pubwards. Quick jaunt down the hill and onto the pavement for a long On Inn for the runners.

We got back to the pub to find White Rabbit already at the bar wondering where we were: personally I blame everyone for joining the knitting circle, Gorjoyce did keep informing them all to lift their knees, but did anyone pay attention, did they ********.

In the circle Gorjoyce surprised everyone by actually drinking a down-down, she made up for later with a more normal routine, before Capt F showed off his version. Private Parts got his teeth into his down-down, while The Count found a shandy not too his taste. But the circle was dominated by the RA naming a hasher, and so we all welcomed Submissive.

I forgot to mention that we'd all forgotten who had forgotten to bring the hashit to the hash, hopefully they wont forget next week [I thought you remembered but it's a long time ago now ..... ed].

On-on to that well known Italian restuarent - The Taj Mahal and Gispert's Run.

Shuffle Cock

Fat Controller, flies the flag

DownDown techniques #7 "The Gorjoyce"

Capt F's variation on "The Gorjoyce"