Run No 970

Sunday 31 January 2010

Chequers, Streatley

Hares: PP & Capt F


Double Entry, surrounded by minders

Shagpile gives Rapid the Horn

RA Forking accuses while...

...Madge fancies a pee on his hat

Sunday morning and for some damned reason I decided to cycle to the hash on the old clunker. One hour in sub-zero temperatures and I could feel nothing above or below the waist and some parts of my anatomy had completely disappeared or at least it felt like it. Good job I got there nice and early because it took me five minutes to get my gloves off...
[Missing lines(s): Archive Ed.]
...joined us for a second week in succession. There was only one birthday this week and it was none other than the less than aptly named Legs11.

The on is called and the pack set off. A number of false trails followed, but the pack generally kept together apart from the irrepressible Shagpile & Underlay who somehow mysteriously manage to disappear over the horizon without being spotted by either hare.

Eventually the pack moves out of the environs of Streatley and set off inevitably towards the Clappers. First to arrive at the Ladies check were Alex & Skid Mark. It's quite a long stretch now before before the FRB(?)s arrive at the 8-check. Still no sign of Shagpile and Underlay, so one can only assume they are either well back (having lost their way) or perhaps they have missed (or perhaps ignored) the check.

Bangers takes up the cause and checks out a fairly long falsie. but no-one else seems to be bothered in following, so eventually the hare calls it false shorter than originally intended. The next stretch is along a footpath, but eventually the pack emerges into open fields and lo and behold we finally spy our errant hounds. They were not lost, but had simply failed to hear the on-calls back at the start of the run. As the pack set off, Shufflecock is encouraged to check out one the steeper trails. He really did look thoroughly pleased at the bottom when he realized how many ergs he would burn up getting back to the rest of the pack.

We cross the road and finally enter the Clappers. Meandering here and there, up and down. round and round, through a forest, across fields, beautiful views everywhere. The sunshine was brilliant and the sky a beautiful blue. Hashing really does not get much better than on days like this, but a smidge warmer would have been appreciated.

Numbered checks were liberally applied in an attempt to keep the group together. It pretty much worked and the knitting circle was never too far behind.

Back across the road, the hares cunningly re-used the out trail for the return back to the pub. Talking of which, the choice of beers and the ambience was really good. Pongo found the best spot in the pub as he was seen warming his cheeks on a toasty warm radiator.

Down-downs were awarded to the birthday girl Legs-11. Capt F, Knobber & Scooper got one for racing. Shagpile & Underlay got theirs for going astray and making little effort to rejoin the rest of the pack. The RA got one for failing to recognise White Rabbit.

ON-ON to Run 971 at the Musgrave Arms Apsley End and brought to you by team ShuffleCock & Gorjoyce.

Capt F

Fat Controller, mole in joke mode

Rapid & FKR, are people talking?

Shagpile was booked for dissent

Ringer turned his back on Gorjoyce