Run No 969

Sunday 24 January 2010

Black Horse, Maulden

Hares: Bangers & Forkin'


Slippy, hilly, shiggy Skippy?

Shaggy wanted the pretty one

100 up for Rapid

After a quick change of colour what was supposed to be the White Horse, Sundon became the Black Horse Maulden. A good turn out appeared in many guises, including the three witches of the Scottish play (Double Entry, Lush Big Knickers and Frau Kraft Rot) on the weekend before Burns night. Skidmark was keen to remind Shagpile that as it was run number 969 he should remember the 69 bit. Our transient visitor Monsignor Voisier joined the circle.

The pack set off through the residential part of Snow Hill before hitting the countryside. Captain F soon got his horn out and started trumpeting it about. At a 3 way check Underlay led a posse (or pussy) to a falsie. It was our own Pussies Galore who took off quickly from a ladies check to bewilder a family with children attempting to feed the ponies. Count Roadkill and Rapid Withdrawal stumbled upon the 'Baa' check in a pastoral setting as sheep quietly grazed.

Along the Green Sand Ridge towards the woods the hold check was where Shufflecock modelled his mutton chops, or was it Mickey Mouse ears from one of Double Entry's wardrobe cast-offs. A daunting 4 way junction had Private Parts and Ringer finding the longest falsies. Shiggy Mountain was found by Double Entry who in a lady-like way allowed Shaggy to go first and only pursued after also seeing the hare Bangers fall face first into some of the best shiggy Thongo could ever remember.
[Missing lines(s): Archive Ed.]
...sound the church struck midday and it was 'on inn'. The landlady of barely a week put on a good spread and the hot potatoes were a bit too hot for Lush Big Knickers. Down downs were awarded to birthday girl Alex on her third hash and her third visit inside the circle so no problems in that department.



McCririck and Mickey Mouse, both at 969

When shall we three meet again...?

Hashit for Shagpile