Run No 968

Sunday 17 January 2010

White Horse, Burnham Green

Hares: Airscrew & Donut


Plus about 25 of our friends from H4, always welcome

Held check or mass demo?

The invasion of leafy Tewin

Someone must have spotted a way out

...When we spoke to the landlady a few weeks ago, we said "considering the snow and ice, we'd only be about 15 people" - but what we hadn't counted on was clear blue skies and the H4 pack... glad you could come! A very large circle gathered in the rather full car park at 11 am and after the usual Birthdays and Hares in the middle, we were ON ON. At the junction the pack split 3 ways, but WWW and CRK soon found the T on the Tewin road. Shuffle Cock had actually guessed correctly and led the pack towards Bull's Green...with multiple horns blowing from H4 - the pack duly followed. After passing a Footpath sign, the front runners kept on trail but were soon to be blocked by a Bar Check. As everybody turned around, the rest of the pack hadn't been that adventurous and were waiting by the sign... the pack meandered its way down a track to a group of bungalows, where a puzzled CRK searched for dust - the Hare pointed out the footpath post behind the car and it was ON ON again.
At the ladies check, Willy Warmer made a start but was called back as ON was called in the opposite direction... a few false trails later and the pack finally were ON again. The FRBs were then presented with a '4 to the back' check... most disheartening! A steep hill began the ascent back towards the main road to where the walkers were waiting for the pack. Private Parts tried to take the pack back towards the pub but it was ON ON towards Bull's Green again. The pack reached a choice of 3 footpaths and CRK was heard saying "I bet you the route will be north of the pub today", so duly took that path. ... Afraid not! It was back into Tewin Wood and down the very shiggy footpath.
At the Veteran's check, Donut was waiting and after debate on age and what constitutes a Veteran, a call of 'ON' was heard....false trail though! The pack led by H4 took everybody up another shiggy path only to encounter another bar. With the pack on the road, the trail zig zagged past more of the £1m+ houses before reaching another held check. On again down hill and around to a Ladies check. Underlay was the first to arrive and although chose the right trail, was called back as the pack was led down a footpath to a false...obviously everybody about faced and followed Underlay to the next check. On the edge of Tewin Wood, the pack headed up the main road towards the village, but even though some said they could see the chimney smoke of the pub (you couldn't see the pub, no rules broken plus it was only 11.45) the pack crossed the road and headed towards Digswell. Pecker led the pack on several bar checks out over the common land, but the real trail led through the woods...we don't believe anybody hit their head on the low flying tree, so the Hares' pre-words did their job. After a series of gates and paths, the front runners called a bar check. The stretched out pack wherever it was, pushed through the hedgerow and advanced like an army across the field towards the stile, which was clearly visible in the morning sunshine. It was now a straight run in along the path to the road, where the pack was presented with the 'ON INN' - 1 hour perfect...!! Downs Downs for... the Hares, Twiglet [FRB award], Grace [deca run - courtesy of G-String and Skidmark - novel to see G drinking from a baby mug!], White Rabbit - 600 Runs, Pussies Galore -150 Runs, Scooper - 100 Runs. Loads more from the RA Forkin', too too many to remember! And, finally, to the sad bunch of White Rabbit, Fliptop [H4], Fartin' Martin [H4] and Thongo - over 2000 Runs between them!!
ON-ON to The Black Horse, Maulden
Airscrew & Donut

One RA drinks, all RAs drink

Twiglet - FRB or SCB?

Since Adam was a lad: Gorjoyce with some old people