Run No 966

Sunday 3 January 2010

Carpenters Arms, Harlington

Hare: Rapid Withdrawal


Having kept all of my 2009 New Year's resolutions, which included abstaining from passionate affairs with Sandra Bullock, Cherize Theron and others, it was time to start on my 2010 resolution which was not to lie. I therefore started the run with the truthful statement that it was not a long trail...

The day had started so well with Capt F proudly displaying his knob to Frau Krafty Rot which made her eyes bulge, despite the cold weather. And it was cold. Laying the trail in under 2 hours, with more layers than Dante's vision of hell, (Layer 3 sounds most appropriate), it was to take 1 hour 15 mins to amble around, although statistically this is spot on for all of our runs in 2010.

On the dot of 11:00am we started and headed off towards the village. Early checks sorted out the men from the boys with Count Roadkill following Private Parts down a long false trail by the church, almost as far as the On Inn. The trail worked its way past the Upper School with CRK continuing to lead the way, forcing me to point people down a false trail so that he would have to stand around and get cold at the next Held Check. However, with the aid of GorJoyce he added a new dimension to 'Held Check' and was able to keep all parts of his body warm.

This Held check proved to be the pivotal point of the figure of eight hash and Bangers was to enjoy running down the muddy track again later on the trail. To his credit he did wonder why I ran down the false trail with him and then scrubbed out the T. From here it was into a field with views of Bunyan's Oak, with a false trail down the hill. PP performed his impersonation of the Grand Old Duke of York although we are still unsure about the 10,000 men. The trail looped around and then back up the hill before returning to the check. Despite offering a short cut everybody wanted to continue on the full trail which zig-zagged across the fields back to the car park.

With the RA on Hare Duties and Forking Dick Chair still not recovered from a defeat at Southampton and stomping off early, it was down to Shufflecock to award the Down Downs. Ringer was punished for leaving his Legs at home and Pussies, on her birthday, threw her drink all over Tiger in some strange mating ritual. The Hashit was awarded to myself as I appeared to have covered myself in flour, whereas I must confess that 2 days without Head and Shoulders does leave you a little personally embarrassed.

On On to the next run, somewhere else.

Rapid Withdrawal