Run 1019

19 December 2010

The Crown, Northill

Hare: Airscrew


The Count looking like he needs a snowball on the head

Next year's Hash Christmas Card?

H1019 minus, of course, DE & Hash Flash

Saturday night in Peterborough, was a clear -6 deg C, with no snow...Bedfordshire on the other hand looked a very different landscape Sunday morning...thick powder snow and -12 deg C !! After a cautious drive from Sandy to Northill and the donning of several layers of clothing, trail laying began...the snowy white blank canvas was ideal for my white flour!...note to self: need to go to the Chinese shop before my run on the 9th January and get red food colouring.

The turn out wasn't bad considering the weather, but I think answering calls, texts and email from Hashers while laying the trail helped to galvanise support. At 11am the circle was formed and with the temperature now at -9 deg C the On On was called. The use of white flour did prove an issue getting out of Northill High Street, and the trail was finally found behind the Church.

A bar-check on the Bedford road, took the pack 'Off Piste' where we were joined by Cardiac and Family. In the woods, some of the blank canvas (and markings) had been obliterated by Northill folk and their dogs! so Underlay ran straight through the first Check...luckily as we ventured deeper in, more of the markings remained visible; well that was until Cardiac's dog arrived at each check and started to eat the flour and snow! There were plenty of number checks to keep the front runners happy and plenty of false trails for Submissive to check out! As we emerged from the woods, the FRBs were taken down a farm track while the Knitting Circle headed home. At the bottom of the track, the FRBs found a back arrow and to much condemnation it was back up the hill to the On Inn

Circle - 50th Tankard for Syzslak, Birthday Girl - Ward 10, Foghorn for hitting The Count squarely on the head with a snowball (good shot), Capt F for not appointing a secret RA, Underlay and Submissive for having their hands in their pockets in the circle

On On Airscrew

The wonderful, enigmatic Double Entry, over 50 runs in 2010, the Queen of 999/1000, source of so much fun for Hash Flash and undoubtedly Harriette of the Year, but the mystery remains. Why won't she be photographed with us? [perhaps Hash Flash, we should look at ourselves]

Lady P performs the ceremonial
warming of the GM's legs

Birthday drink for Ward 10,
Hash Mum

Szyslak collects 50 run award
at last