Run 1018

12 December 2010

(Posh Nosh Hangover Run)

The Jolly Coopers, Flitton

Hare: Capt Fantaaaastic


Awesome Airscrew leads the field

Nice spot for a held check

The H5 Carol Choir

Twas the run after the Xmas party the night before and given the condition of some of us just a few hours earlier, the turnout was truly amazing. Still what better way is there to clear one's head than participating in a brisk run through the countryside?

The thermometer had finally moved into positive territory and for the first time in quite a few weeks I did not need a pre-run vigorous leg rubbing to get my circulation going. Quite disappointing really. The HM took command of the circle and determined that it was young 'Skippy's' birthday, but as soon as this was announced Skippy decided to go coy on us. Not quite the young lady I remember at run 999. Any way Frau happily donned the birthday hat instead.

Other notable attendees were our award winners from the night before. PP has begun the new POSH run campaign in the same was as he ended the previous one (i.e. 100% record so far). However he has slipped up a bit as he is in joint last place in this year's Layer of the Year campaign (me thinks it will not last). Madge appeared unaffected by winning the 'Top Dog' award. Oh! and the roses in Count and Lady Pees (sic) garden are apparently flourishing. Visitors included Limp, Lady Limp, Spotted Dick, Custard, Leroy & Matt.

Smiffo*, Airscrew, Depth Charge**, & Underlay were their usual frisky selves, FRBing with utter abandon. We were a fair way into the run when a late Leroy drove past. He decided to abandon the car so as to not be left too far behind. Despite the laying of plenty of numbered checks and false trails unfortunately the knitting circle started to lag and a search party had to be despatched mid way through the run to find Kisses, Legs and Skippy. Fortunately they were not too far behind, but it did mean that they missed the first Xmas carol check. H5 (and MKH3 visitors) gave it large with a super rendition of "O Christmas Tree".

Not too much to report as I spent most of my time just chasing after the FRBs. However, there were two further opportunities for group activities. The Mince Pies and Rum Lumumba seemed to go down very well at the drinks stop. For those who want the recipe it's simply 90% Hot Chocolate laced with Rum and Creme de Cacao in equal measure. The second Xmas carol stop was an equally fabulous rendition of "We Wish you A Merry Xmas". I know I am a bit mutt and jeff nowadays, but I reckon it was pretty good.

The run took just 20 minutes over the hour, which compared to my last run of two hours is much closer to the desired length. I hope you all appreciated my efforts to contain my enthusiasm and having taken a significant step in the right direction hopefully my next run will be spot on.

Down-downs were awarded to the usual culprits. Shufflecock took it on the chin for Skippy. Leroy was awarded a down-down for his late arrival. Capt F got one for being an excellent hare. PP for leaving both awards at the Xmas party, Lush for losing her refilling magic glass at the Xmas party, Fat Controller finally got his deca (nearly a double deca) mug. I know that there were plenty of others, but my memory is just as bad as my eyesight and earsight nowadays, so that will have to do.

Love you all - Capt F
On-On to next week's run at The Crown, Northill and hosted by the awesome Airscrew

*I think Smiffo had a down-down for NOT being his usual frisky self ... ed
** or he would have been had he been there ... ed

Skippy and Birthday Hat

Lush and lost Love Glass

PP makes meal of his awards