Run 1017

5 December 2010

The Old Hunters Lodge, Whipsnade

Hares: Shufflecock & Ringer


The ironically named "View Check" marred
only by half the hash

Knobber prepares for everything in this weather

FC's car sent off in style, supermodel style

DE disapproves as Legs
conquers cameraphobia

'Twas the night before a hash run and far 'cross the land
Fat Controller was snoring, it sounded like a band
Blue and orange vouchers were being exchanged
For wine and beer, in glasses nicely arranged.

Hash badders had been about, dining at The Crown
after visiting The Engineers Arms for a couple of down-downs
The rest were out imbibing some beers
apart from the boring ones who acted like old dears.

When across the pub car park, there was such a clatter,
Shaggy had fallen over with a loud splatter
You see it had snowed and was covered in ice
He shouldn't have been rude and said things not nice.

The moon on the breast of Lush Big Kni(o)ckers
Made goggled eyed young boys ignore their liquors.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A hash sleigh piled up full of beer.

With a Landlords, Speckled Hen and many more an amount
I knew the driver just had to be The Count
The Count had beer for hashers, and out they all came
He whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

"Now Knobber! now Capt! now Donut and Overflo!
On, Underlay! on Mekon! on Skidmark and Flo
From the top of the pile! From the top of the pile!
No need to hurry I'll be here for a while."

The hashers thirst knows no bounds,
And the sleigh was in danger of running aground.
To make amends and allay everyone's fears
The Count made off and parked at The Engineers.

The pack set off, through the snow creating a furrow,
Forgetting the run was actually tomorrow.
When they will all be out and about, at Whipsnade,
awaiting mince pies, these are all home made.

The Count having parked, was sat at the bar
"Good Evening to all, you see I've swapped the car.
The soup, it never really came out,
I sold it for these beers and barrels of stout."

"Double has organised to make sure your all drinking
It's tough when one has to do all the thinking
Now hold her still and I'll take a photo,
They almost as rare as the extinct dodo."

Photo acquired, the hash raised a cheer
For this was such an excellent place for good beer
Conversation flowed, there was much laughing about,
But soon it got late, and the landlord kicked us all out.

Tomorrow's run, that's nowhere near Dover,
I just needed something that would rhyme with hangover.
It tricky to rhyme hash names, take Submissive
The only thought I had was permissive.

Now wrap up warm and remember your mitts,
The run is near Luton (I hear it's the pits).
On on to the hash, and FRBs in full flight
Goodnight, sleep tight, hope the bed bugs don't bite.

Shufflecock & Ringer

Too cold to be held by a red light

Strictly Horns - the finalists
(Leroy and Shagpile with
headscarf in the circle)

"Did I deserve no more than a fool's
head? Is that my prize?"
Merchant of Venice
(with a hat on it)

Double Entry, off guard with admin and hashit
(spot the dodo in the background)