Run 1016

28 November 2010

The White Horse, Broom

Hares: Rapid & Submissive


Hash Mattress took early charge

Thongo to the fore again

A sign made to challenge PP

Depth charged with XS FRBing

With the temperature recorded by my car at -7, virgin hare Submissive and myself set off at 8:30am to lay a trail across the relatively newly-landscaped Broom. Setting the trail was mainly uneventful, no angry farmers, no missing footpaths, just a couple of frozen solid gates and a minor stumble on a rather slippery track. So surely this could only get better? The weather improved to a near tropical -3 and we were joined by a gaggle of newcomers, all eager to enjoy the delights of a trail across Bedfordshire. No Shagpile this week. as he was competing for the hash anorak role by talking in dots and dashes to people from afar. Maybe Fat Controller was also out with his friends swapping train numbers?

Unfortunately, our new GM, Capt F has taken it upon himself to start each circle with a joke; bananas, electric chairs and bus conductors this week? Double Entry's ear muffs could prove popular as they do more than protect against the cold.
So about 10 minutes late - it was not a short joke - we braved the cold and set off. Until this point, we had assumed that HM, Ringer, was still warm in bed, but no, we found him en route parking his car outside the wrong pub with some feeble excuse that he was running late as his door was frozen. From here we headed out through the fields down to the lake. The trail was very difficult to follow with the frost and snow and Shaggy asked if we had actually used any flour, but more of that later. We had the normal FRBs of Capt F, Underlay, Count Roadkill who did an amazing job of finding the trail for three quarters of the run. I can only believe that snow blindness eventually took its toll. But before we lost them, a short cut worked wonders at allowing the walkers to catch up and Depth Charge proved that he is the man most likely to win 'Most Gullible Hasher 2010' when he was the only one to run the extended loop through the tunnels under the A1.
By this time the intrepid FRBs had seen a sign post for Broom and headed that way whilst the rest of the pack, prompted by myself found a fenced off footpath which joined back with the out loop and then back to the pub.
On the way back Skippy lost her mobile, but with the search party dispatched, it was answered and duly returned to its owner. Would you leave your child in the generic care of the Hash? Frau did, but Capt F and his crèche seemed to be getting along fine.
So to the circle. No real RA this week so over to PP who awarded a few down downs and quickly exited the circle to allow everybody to defrost. The FRB award went to Depth Charge and everybody returned home, happy cold and ready for next week.

There was a small competition running throughout this hash - to identify as many birds as possible. The official winning list as identified by Twitcher Rapid was : A few ducks, a couple of swans, some geese, 2 Golden Eagles, a bird of paradise, a macaw and a dodo. I claim my chocolate.


Cracking day RA, well done there .....

.... but the bar had it's attractions too

Newbees sponsored by Underlay

"Suck when I tell you" said the GM