Run 1015

21 November 2010


The Bell, Marston Moretaine

Hares: Bangers & Son


Best not to ask

New Mismanagement looks like old one

Hash Totty & Hash Anorak appointed

Hot off the press from are the words for run No 1015. It was the run on the day after the quiz night/AGM before. Captain Fantaaaastic in official gown and holding the GMs willy took command of the circle in his new position as GM. Visitors included a few from MKH3 having crawled round from their respective hovels, Utterly Buttocks showing off her hanging basket as we passed outside her front door at number 25.

Jas, Private Parts and Shufflecock took to the front after the road crossing and found some number checks to pull them to the back. Smiffo in his micro shorts took to short cutting over the bristling teasels likely to induce a stroking sensation of the scrotum. Underlay and Double Entry averted their gaze through the viewing platforms towards the lake. Foghorn keenly ran only to find a falsie at the ladies check. United on the knoll by the lakeside the new committee lined up for its first official hash snap, Count Roadkill being the other side of the camera [and much more impressively, astride DE.. ed]. Onwards the pack marched up and down over the hillocks of spoil heaps. Thongo was first to a number check and collected the FRB award. Lush Big Knickers came a little late, perhaps the time she needed to unzip her latest P.V.C. outfit as paraded at Mekon's Friday night party. Airscrew had been first to turn up in the car park and later was first home to the pub before putting in an immediate order for the Sunday roast. Awards were made in the circle to two centenarians, Truly Scrumptious stripped down to skin before modelling her pink hash top, Bangers not wishing to lower the tone any further manfully donned his stripey top as another layer to combat the bitter cold. A further two titles were announced to join the committee as Fat Controller was named the hash anorak for doing some train spotting at the Marston train station whilst Karmen Suits Ja became the Hash Totty, a word not easily translated into German but in Spanish is 'Titis'.

On on to The White House in Broom


Bangers marched them up to the top

Lush, peeled off her pvc

Two Hundred Run Awards