Run 1014

14 November 2010

The Pox, Firton

Hares: Knobber and Hairy Gussett


Did someone say "wise"?

Blatant competitiveness

RA contemplates Atomic Titten's name

It all began when I found myself in the pouring rain on the Kings Road on Friday afternoon, and got soaked because there are no tube stations except for Sloane Square at one end and Fulham Broadway at the other and there were no buses going my way or bikes to hire. Then I got an email from Gorjoyce saying that there were two large walking groups booked in to The Fox on Sunday and the pub knew nothing about the Hash. So when I had dried out and Saturday arrived, Hairy and I went over to Pirton and checked. It turned out that no one really knew anything about what was going on so we should turn up anyway and we confirmed Gorjoyce's booking for lunch and a supply of Black Sheep ale and London Pride.

When Sunday came, we were honoured with two sleek chestnut mares, one fourteen year old standing at 15 hands called Lego and ridden by Muddy Waters, and the other a bit taller and possibly older that was returnee G Spot. Both were welcomed into the circle and Muddy read 'Lamplight' by May Wedderburn Cannan, to lead us into the Remembrance Day silence. The moment was authenticated, rather than disturbed, by having a restless horse present, and the rendition of the 'Last Post' drifting over from the neighbouring group at the Church.

After a brief check of the pathways in front of the pub, mainly to avoid disturbing the other gathering, the Hash headed south west out of Pirton, past the Motte and Bailey and up the bridle path towards Tingley Wood. FRBs Depth Charge, Jas and PP were soon caught out by a number to the back and the Hash regrouped for the opportunity of a shortcut which all but three declined. So it was on up Icknield Way, right up to the steep bit where it falls away to Knocking Knoll on one side and Offley on the other. Then heading for Offley, past Shrub Wood, which is a small wood made up of shrubs, back down the hill and up the side of another that looked like a surfing wave about to break off the Gower Coast.

At the top the Hash met up with the shortcut and then headed past High Down House and back into Pirton. A short splash through shaggy took the run behind the church and onto the High Street, past the On Inn and back to the pub.

The two large walking groups turned out to be locals who were having lunch after the Remembrance Day service, although Gorjoyce and G Spot still got their table but couldn't finish the treacle sponge as they had to get to Luton Airport for G Spot's flight back to France. In the circle, down downs went to the Hares (the one that was present), G Spot as a returnee and Team RA in general as it was their swansong. Part of this was punishment for any wearing technology on their wrists and a new name for Ingrid, who is now 'Atomic Titten'.

And that was it, written quicker than it was run.

On On,

Knobber and Hairy Gussett

Aren't they clever these gadgets that Team RA don't like the hash wearing? You can follow every false trail you run in the comfort of your own Google Earth. Marvellous.

Then the cavalry arrived

Max wonders who Miss is

Decca for Depth