Run 1013A

7 November 2010

Red Lion, Mumby

Hares: Lady P & The Count

HASHERS: 13  NEWBEE: 1  RETURNEE: 1  (plus 13 from Scarborough H3)

Lady P & Whitby Jet arranged a fun Joint Hash Weekend for 15 from H5 and 19 from Scarborough H3: 3 nights in Skegness. Saturday saw SH3 run from the Sun & Moon, Butlins and H5 join in, with Lady P following an early false trail, Shagpile enjoying a sprint along the front and then taking time out for a seaside pose..

and a beer stop (in Letchworth?). Hares Shag The Pony & My Little Pony were "live" and rumour has it laid the trail from a car. At 7.5 miles it defeated some but not the H5 FRBs, and Lush was thrilled to have run all that way. The Sunday trail was laid under a lovely Lincolnshire sunset before the Big Night Out

The weekend theme was The 70s and quite a few H5ers had a good stab at that including Lush, Ingrid, Rapid, Karmen, Lady P and Scrummy (The Count couldn't be arsed). Underlay asked if her bum looked big in a mini skirt and Hash Flash was pleased to be of assistance. Pussies pulled again (see Run 1012A).

Shuffle awarded fancy dress prizes: Rapid wore his in Mumby. There were problems with a bull and a dyke but we won't go into that, although Karmen did. The RA did a good job with the weather. Paperazzi was difficult to keep out of the circle and Newbie/ Duracell Bunnyman Murray said he would come again.

Entertainment was provided by a host of stars but The Count recommends Debbie Harris. Lush was surprised to win the battle to be White Wine Queen but Karman Suits Ja may be objecting, and what wouldn't Hash Flash give for an in-focus version of this snap of Team RA in harmony? A memorable weekend.