Run 1013

7 November 2010

Cricketers, Weston

Hares: Gorjoyce & Thongo


The Cricketers, Weston

Front-running Hare?

There be shiggy...

...with majestic vistas under a BIG sky

Makes you want to weep doesn't it?

The sun came out in all its glory to welcome us including returnee Mouldy Ald Shite on holiday for a spot of cold, green grass and real mud. He was not disappointed!

Gorjoyce exceeded herself in getting the pack to take the first falsie into the promised wide open countryside and then running around the village pond in circles whilst Capt. Hobbledy Fantastic and expectant Skidmark strolled to the start of 'Route B2' that lead us onto Holy Trinity Church, where lies the unusually long grave of 'Jack o'Legs', the local Robin Hood of old.

Double Entry must have conscientiously been checking out false trails as she was at the back of the pack as we run up into the wide open tundra, well, muddy fields where the tail-enders were treated to the sight of a dozen large real Hertfordshire deer (not the Asian imports) running away.

It was soon On-On to the one and only numbered check (6) where just Private Parts, Jas, Knobber, Depth Charge and Ringer came back; I guess Submissive rebelled by arguing that it could have been a 9. That will teach me?

We were soon strung out through the cows and calves in Weston Park and On-Inn to welcoming pints of London Pride and Cornish Doom Bar.

In the absence of religious advisers, Private Parts took charge of proceedings and awarded down downs to Knobber and Capt. F for not following the clearly marked trail over the isolated styles in the park. How did Frau escape a down down?

On-On to the Pox at Firton

Who wore odd socks?

Grace and Grandad Mouldy

Capt. F and his support team

Knobber explains to Ringer that the
Pox at Firton is run by three landladies