RUN 1012A

31 October 2010

Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

Hares: Private Parts and The Count


The scenery was OK, but it's not Beds

Shaggy had a bedtime treat

Capt F was very strict on the jenga rules

Pussies said she was not going to be pushed around this time

Screamer demonstrated the evils of washing

Hash away weekends are always a good laugh - usually the result of a combination of a pleasant venue, good company and oodles of ale.
Hardwick 2010 was no exception and included an evening in the pub, a nice walk in the sunny countryside and a run in the morning mist. Everyone mucked in as always, but kudos to the organising team (Capt F & Tarzan) and the kitchen hashers (Capt F & Shaggy) for another top job.

There was also time to relax and read a good book - the following titles proving popular on this occasion:

"Map Reading made difficult" - Forking Dickchair
"Rural walks and views of central Norfolk" - Bangers
"How to get head in life" - Shaggy
"Professional Pumpkin Handling" - Shufflecock
"The all souls day moussaka" - Chef
"The all-night guide to animal noises" - Fat Controller
"Applied fluid dynamics" - Knobber
"A beginners guide to laundry" - Screamer "Shakespeare in Hove" - Donut
"An alcoholic's guide to photography" - Hash Flash
"The secrets of a good stuffing" - Travelling Stan
"Your fate" - Gypsy Rose Pussies
"How many candles?" - Screamer
"The Team RA book of sin and bootlaces" - Team RA
"Knibbling knots" - Flo
"The golden age of ballooning" - Everyone

All the above are available from the H5 bookshop, price 20p and a kiss (subject to availability).

OnOn to Weston or Skeggy

Forking's map reading was invaluable

The Witches of Hardwick scared no one

Cunning Linguist needed some help with her pumpkins: Shuffle obliged

The chef ran amok

Moments of intimacy did not involve tongues