RUN 1012

31 October 2010

The Bell, Sandy

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


A spot of check-hovering perhaps?

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers"
(Asst Ed: and sisters)
Shakespeare, King Henry V, iv, i.

Psst. You've left the price on the bottom Nik Nak

Jas and Depth Charge were clearly FRBs

policeFilling in Forms for a Safer County

Self Assessment Form To Identify Hazards

Activity/Task Investigate breach of the peace and mass hysteria
Name Constable Sargent
Dept/Branch Dog Licence Section
Location Sandy
Incident Details Report of a group of unruly people, some dressed in sports wear, running back and forth, shouting and carrying sanitary fittings around Sandy train station and the surrounding woodland area. Intelligence source (supergrass 'X') suggests suspects may be involved in class B drug use i.e. hashing. Suspects later observed singing and consuming alcohol and it is suspected that some had been stepping on cracks in the pavement without permission.
Main Activity/Work task
Airfields box Transportation box
Custody suites box Courts box
River police ticked Front Office box
Animals - dogs, horses box Public order ticked
Armoury ticked Search teams box
1. Mechanical
Dangerous machinery box Continuous/intermittent motion ticked
Impact box Gravity ticked
Pressure vessels box Trapping box
Shearing box Fluid injection ticked
Hand tools box Stored energy release ticked
2. Transport
Suitability box Maintenance box
Pogo stick box Traffic routes box
Helicopters box Boats box
Shearing box Shanks pony ticked
Fast Driving box Roller skates box
3. Access and Place of Work
Football grounds box Uncomfortable seating box
Stables box Uneven surface ticked
Slips, trips & falls ticked Pubs ticked
Noise ticked Rivers box
Street box Violence (assault/abuse) ticked
Kennels box Falling objects box
Slippery surfaces ticked Ladders box
Roof work box Spillages box
Senior Officer's Assessment & Recommendation
An assessment of the risk to officers in investigating this incident considers the risks to be substantial and real. The aggregated effects of high risks, particularly Gravity in combination with Slippery and Uneven Surfaces could result in officers becoming removed from a vertical posture and the force incurring excessive cleaning charges. The identified transportation method, while attractive from a cost perspective, is considered an out-dated form of transportation associated with G Dixon et al, and now requires officers to undertake specialist training before permission would be granted for such perambulation. Armed River Police may not be successful in bagging all of the individuals as some (not many) were exhibiting considerable Stored Energy Release. The identified risk of Noise combined with the Pub risk and Fluid Injection could result in Violence and Abuse from the perpetrators and therefore investigation of this incident is considered Too Risky and should not be undertaken.
Note: Plenty of motorists are present in the area and should be pursed to keep the 'crime solved' figures at a high level.

Big Issue! Big Issue!

Splitblox displayed flying potential...

...while Mekon displayed fried eggs

"What did I think of the run?"