RUN 1010


Engine & Tender, Ampthill

Hares: Capt F and Rapid Withdrawal


Capt F tries to justify body board

Lovely day for it

The search for treasure

Originally inTENded to be in London, it soon became apparent that not many people could get there in time for the earlier start time of 10:10. So after a quick re-think, plus an inspired suggestion from The Count it was decided that the venue should be changed to the Engine and TENder pub in Ampthill.
With the earlier start time it was decided to extend the run a tad so that we would still get back to the pub at opening time. 10k seemed strangely appropriate somehow.
The only problem was that one of the hares (Capt F) was required by his pay masters to be in Belgium on the Saturday, which meant that poor old Rapid had to lay the trail all on his lonesome.
Still the deed was done by the TENacious Rapid and it was agreed that the hares would meet up at 8:30 on the Sunday morning so that we could hide some treasure and give Capt F a chance of recyying the trail.
All went well, the trail was finished, the treasure was hidden and TEN bottles of Stella were hidden at the beer check. Back at the pub, some 1010 helium balloons were set for launch at the appointed hour.
The locality and the fine weather meant that loads of hashers could make the run. Well over 30 regulars and quite a few returnees. It was great to see Screamer, Smiffo, Sasquatch and Poppy and some visitors from MKH3. So it was a great turnout.

What about the run itself:

  • The 1010 balloons were launched and the pack were off.
  • Everyone looked really cheerful the whole way round, although it was apparent that one or two of our MK visitors (namely Utter Buttocks & Martini) were nursing some serious hang-overs.
  • Shufflecock's TENdon injury started to give him some grief.
  • The short cut worked well and despite the excessive length the pack seemed to manage to stay together for most of the run. Rapid was really the person responsible for this excellent outcome.
  • Capt F got woefully lost at one point and a pack of FRB?s led by Smiffo had to invent their very own trail in order to re-join the main group. This took so long that we missed the Beer check, so please PLEASE forgive me.
  • The run finished at 11:55, which by my reckoning deserves a TEN out of TEN score.
  • In the woods, we encountered some very late and noisy parasites (always welcome) dressed as cows and from Milton Keynes.
  • The treasure prize winners were Lady P (Marigold gloves each one having five fingers), Smiffo (a DVD of '10' the movie starring the Bodacious and Calypygeous Bo Derek), Sasquatch (A pair of cufflinks each one having five toes), & Little Megan (a 10 shilling note).
  • The 'After Ten' cocktail was awarded to the prize winners. No-one seemed to find it too disgusting, but its constituents were 7/8 creme de cacao, 7/8 peppermint cordial (undiluted) and 1/3 advocaat. I know that 7/8 + 7/8 + 1/3 equals more than a whole, but honestly that's what the recipe said.

Foghorn has the birthday hat

Ingrid has a deca mug

Depth Charge has a name
  • Some of the hashers seemed seriously challenged by Capt F's totally pointless quiz sheet.
  • The buffet seemed to go down well and I hope you did not mind the small increase in the subs that helped pay for it. Many thanks to Count Roadkill & Private Parts for agreeing to subsidise the grub.
  • Foghorn got an award for her birthday.
  • Capt F got an award for leaving his jacket behind at the previous run. Unfortunately it does not appear to have got back home, so I suspect I might be getting yet another award for a repeat misdemeanour.
  • Brian finally got named as Depth Charge [but didn't get his deca mug]
  • Ingrid got her deca-mug award for completing her TENth run [but didn't get named .. ho hum].
  • Dozens of other down-downs too numerous to mention.

It's the statty fair in Shefford tonight - so must dash. Anyway the hares really enjoyed themselves and we hope you all did too.
On-On to next week's run at the Stathmore Arms [the postponed Run 1009 .......]