Run No 1006

Sunday 3 October 2010

Woolpack, Wilstead

Hares: Bangers 'n' Forking


Sophia & Skippy are coaxed into the circle

Troll guards the slippery bridge

Sitting? Wouldn't have happened in my day

Just back from my hols again, one of the many highlights being a hash with the Teign Valley Hashers. There are lots of them, about sixty when I went, and they aren't shy, myself swapping shirts with Heidi High half way round. "Dont worry about her" said Wigwam the Hare, "She's part of the cabaret" as if this was a regular occurence. "Hello, I'm Double Entry" said a gravelly deep voice from a middle aged grey, thinning bloke who happened to be christened thus. My heart sank but was raised with a run along some dark Devon country lanes alongside Gobbler.
Enough of that [just what I was going to say .... ed] and what about the latest run, be it either 1006 or 1009 it was of Bangers making. Only the day before he had been round the route beating with the shoot, Madge disturbing a few Pheasants from the woods for the guns.
As patches of flour were laid it was with trepidation that the rain would hold off. By the power of Team RA, it was drier for the run than the Ryder Cup golf. As the pack set off up the road it was greeted by latecomer Knobber who having parked a distance away was fast approaching with news of a T check near his car parking space.
Newie Sophia, a friend of Skippy, confessed to bringing her lipstick. Frau Kraft Rot put in her handbag.Skippy promptly fell over, muddying her outfit, needed tommorow morning for school despaired Frau. After further investigation Captain Fantaaastic also confessed to bringing lipstick.This may be more use to Thongo, once called Pongo who may yet become Bongo after the sex change op.
Into the jungle we headed as Submissive visited a lot of bars, tea bars, mini bars or mars bars Max was only too glad to find so many falsies. As the zig zag route worked through the forest Count Roadkill found his knees weakening up and down hills finding falsies. Underlay and Shagpile may have suffered from Déjà Vu as parts of a recent hash from the distant village of Haynes produced a haze of a recent hash.
Afterwards at circle up there was an apology from Lost Cause who fell over as he changed for the Gym. Pussies Galore slipped on her leotard but when at the gym failed to persuade her personal trainer she was 21 as when asked for her birth certificate produced her bus pass. Double Entry was today personally trained to run the finish of the route by Knobber. She liked being under knobber training. The pub menu tempted Ingrid with the Naked Chef Fishcakes, but Lush said she liked the Pork in Cider more.

Set your alarm early for next weeks 1010 run at The Engine and TENder.

Forking Dickchair

Skidmark does her Lady P bit

Bongo keeps her beer dry

Fingering Submissive-style