Run No 1005

Sunday 26 September 2010

(Hariettes Love Shufflecock Day)

Rising Sun, Potton

Hares: Private Parts and Brian, who is called Brian for now


Newbie Emily liked some of the trail

Shuffle in safe hands (anag.)

12? 13? They'll argue for hours then agree Underlay is right

The final run of September brought with it the first sign of impending winter - namely Double Entry wrapped up in her burqa ready to brave the cold (or the Taleban) [i thought it was hash flash .. ed]. The circle was called to disorder by White Rabbit's announcement about bowling - postponed until 13th November (if memory serves your GM correctly) because of availability of the bowling alley. Captain F followed this with a change of venue for Run 1010 on 10-10-10 - which will now be from the Engine and TENder in Ampthill, starting at 10:10. Shagpile and Underlay provided a stunning display of matrimonial harmony with a brief argument about how many anniversary years they were celebrating. Underlay won, partly because she was right, but mainly because she has more black-belts than Shagpile.

The route out of Potton took us past Flo and Overflo's house [and a chance to see that overwallahflobollox is too busy drinking coffee in his living room to come hashing ...ed]- by which time the pack was already fairly well spread out. This was resolved by using a most effective method - a playground! Newie Emily, who admitted being related to the Count (with an 'o'), particularly enjoyed this section of the trail. Karmen and Ingrid were spotted taking the forbidden fruit (well, they got a down-down for it anyway) while Skidmark and Baby Grace took Shagpile back to his house. The FRBs were sufficiently distracted by slides and climbing frames that the knitting circle were able to catch up and finish their knitting before we headed out into the countryside.

Underlay was the first harriette to the ladies check, but having prior knowledge of the route did not check it out - this was left to Submissive who met all expectations by leading most of the pack in completely the wrong direction! The correct way led to the woods, where we followed a nice trail through the trees. The hares and the RA were overtaken several times by White Rabbit, earning her the distinction of the FRB award. Shufflecock meanwhile, in an effort to get picked up by ladies, decided to twist his ankle. This worked spectacularly well, as he was picked up (literally) by Lush and Double, before being entertained [taken care of? .. ed] by Submissive!

The final run in was through Potton [where a motorist stopped to ask directions from a "man" wearing a nightie ... ed] past the old station. It was Lush Big KnIckers (with an 'I') who was first to sight the On-Inn, and the whole pack was back at the pub before the rain and drizzle set in.

Rapid Withdrawalmaintained his spectacular form of recent weeks - when w**king in New York allows him to attend - despite the paucity of material provided by a well behaved hash. His harsh but well aimed attack on Lost Cause's tramp impersonation was especially well received.

Emily wondered why adults stand around in the cold and rain and tease each other; we wondered what adults are.

On-On to The Woolpack in Wilstead


Submissive gives Shuffle lead
[misprint shurely? .. ed]

"White Rabbit" and "FRB" in same sentence shock

Careful who you speak to in the Potton area