Run No 1004

Sunday 19 September 2010

Sports Club, Offley

Hares: Shufflecock & Ringer



"What's your mother's number Grace,
I think we forgot her"

"Leave them alone and they'll come home .."

The beer stop that should have been

Wurdz version 1:

An alliterative account of an amiable amble around the agricultural acres of 'ertfordshire. While waiting for wandering walkers and wunners, White Wabbit waxed wisely (?) about which way to weave one's wheels. Circle called, birthdays bereft, anniversaries absent, newies none, Hares heralded, On-out offered and On-On 'ollered. Shivering shorn sheep seen in the sullen September sun. Shagpile suffered several setbacks from secreted signs and symbols. Underlay was unimpressed by umpteen unremitting undulations. Nik-Nak was natty in a naughty nighty. Count was cross 'cos he was caught by consecutive checks. PP was put through his paces and perambulated past the pack in plenty of places. G-String graciously granted Grace a glorious grandstand. Pussies Galore punished for promulgating professional prattle. Double Entry delighted that Down-downs didn't direly deplete the dosh donations. Frau Kraft Rot (and Skippy) felt free to follow floury fluffykins [White Rabbit geddit?] to fetch fare for the frenzied feeding of the flock. Submissive sent scouting several times to seek slow stragglers. Karmen keen to kover kopious kilometers. Spotted Dick sustained sensible speed and didn't dawdle or delay. Custard clambered 'cross countless chalk contours through copse and coppice. Ingrid ignored the impact of the inclines, immersing herself instead in innocent intellectual intercourse.

Wurdz version 2:

G-String was able to turn up early as Skidmark wasn't in attendance. Hares tried to set nice, short run (and failed on both counts). Strange sense of déjà-vu for several hashers, seems to have been a run there recently. What went down had to come back up. Load of number of checks and not many FRBs - Underlay, Submissive and The Count getting caught loads, with even some of the knitting circle finding the numbers. White Rabbit supplying sandwiches. Good Crack Award to Underlay. Secret RAs: Underlay and The Count. Down-downs: Pussies for talking about w**k all the time. Nik-Nak became the first Hasher in Black, thanks to a hashit (black lacy gown from a stripper) making a reappearance.

On-On to The Rising Sun at Potton next week.

Ringer & Shufflecock

Submissive and Max welcome the sight
of yet another number

Sadly the number checks took their toll

Underlay admires her ball