Run No 1003

Sunday 12 September 2010

Lilley Arms, Lilley

(a short run, long in parts .. FDC)

Hares: Forking, Bangers 'n' Madge


Healthy field up early hill

Thongo toasts bliss

Lost Cause the escape leader

A day to savour. There was a healthy field of runners, the early hill finding out those wanting, such as White Rabbit and Legs Eleven who puffed up some of the hill and made an early exit back to the Lilley Arms. Onwards the pack, led by identikit twins Knobber and Captain Fantaaastic went down some long falsies before Karmen Suits Ja led the way under the A505. Shortly afterwards a delightful green lane spread the pack along its mile length, with a couple of number checks keeping all together.

Rapid Withdrawal and Ringer were seen picking the blackberries along the Offley Lane which led into the Icknield Way. Underlay blasted along, only to return with news of a bar check some distance away. A field resembling the Epsom Derby course was the route home, FRBs Airscrew and Count Roadkill correctly turning at appointed gate.

Further back an number of fence jumpers such as Lady Pee, Frau Kraft Rot and Shagpile [not to mention double entry as picture shows.. has anyone ever seen her being quite so naughty .. answers in an email with video attachment .. ed] had been led astray by Lost Cause who led the escape committee over the fence. Rather than putting him in the slammer on solitary he awarded the Hashit in the circle.

Legs Eleven was in the circle drinking a down down on behalf of her sister ..... there being no other notable celebrations other than Thongo, celebrating 46 years of a relationship of kind [i think it's called a blissful wedded union ... ed]. He spoke of the coincidence of events associated with this venue and the local MP which went over many heads, but also in the form of hashers after leaving hospital returning such as Muddy Waters, Hairy Gussett and Captain F after a wrist job.

Finally a word on behalf of Bangers 'n' Madge to our Teutonic visitors:

Hilft das Bier gegen den Durst, stillt den Hunger eine Wurst.

Next week's run is in Offley at the recreation club although it was to have been The Green Man. Lush Big Knickers has recent first hand experience of the Green Man, today having keenly arrived there a week early.

Forking Dickchair

PS. The German translation is 'You can cure your thirst with a beer and your hunger with a sausage'.

Monkeys ... how wise are they?

Double ... how naughty is she?

Lush ... how dippy is she?